The following real estate transfers were made Oct. 30 through Nov. 3:

Marion K. Yates, M. Keith Yates A/K/A and Cynthia R. Yates to Marion K. Yates-Trustee, Marion K Yates Living Trust, Cynthia R. Yates Living Trust and Cynthia R. Yates-Trustee, 3 parcels in McLean, $10, FCV $89,820.

Marion K. Yates, Keith Yates, A/K/A, Cynthia R. Yates and Cindy Fredericks F/K/A to Marion K. Yates-Trustee, Cynthia R. Yates-Trustee, Marion K Yates Living Trust and Cynthia R. Yates Living Trust, 10 acres on KY 136, McLean, $10, FCV $200,000.

Hubert Everett Hopkins, and Hubert E. Hopkins A/K/A to Jennifer Noel Hopkins and Jennifer N. Hopkins A/K/A, 5.368 acres in McLean $10, FMV $78,000.

Michael Morris to Anthony W. Boyken and Sharon Nell Boyken, lot at 827 Morton Ave., Livermore, $10,000.

James Celestine Bickett-Estate, James C. Bickett A/K/A, Margaret Agnes Bickett, Margaret A. Bickett A/K/A and Margaret A. Bickett Trust to Bickett Holdings LLC, 544.41 acres in McLean, $0, FCV $1,088,000.

Edward Mason Ayer A/K/A, Lula Pearl Ayer, Lula Pea Ayer A/K/A, Keith Mason Ayer Ayer, Kyle Mason Ayer and Edward M. Ayer to Kyle Mason Ayer and KMA Poultry LLC, 30 acres on KY 250 in McLean, $0, FCV $65,000.

Linda K. Graham, Freeman Graham, Larry E. Kirkland, Linda Kirkland and Mary Sue Kirkland to Margaret Louise Kirkland, 1 tract at 325 Gravel Ford Rd., Rumsey, $0, FMV $96,500.

McLean County Historical & Genealogical Museum to David and Lynne Scott Family LLC, 2 parcels at 895 Main St., Calhoun, $87,500.

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