The following real estate transfers were made March 4 through March 8;

Wells Fargo Bank to Trina A. Wilson, lot 15, unit 2 at 901 Morton Ave., Livermore, $27,000.

Guyneth Freels to John Patrick Freels and Theresa C. Freels, 2 tracts on KY 85, McLean, $70,000.

Benita Whittaker and David Whittaker to Benita Whittaker and David Whittaker, 2 tracts on KY 593, McLean, $0, FMV, $45,680.

Patrick Allen Rickard and Beverly J. Rickard to Tony Ray Rickard, 25.5 acres at 5961 KY 1155, Sacramento, $92,000.

Christina G. Doepp, Christina Doepp-Buck, Shawn Buck, McLean County, City of Livermore and W. E. Quisenberry, Jr.-Master Commissioner to Anthony Boyken and Sharon Nell Boyken, 3 tracts at 209 E 2nd St., Livermore, $100.

Nora Mae Johnson and Nora Mae Carter to Arthur Wayne Carter, Quit Claim Deed, 5/8 acre at 465 S, 1rst St, Island, $0, FMV $30,000.

Valerie Bobo and Terry Dean Bobo, Jr. to Terry Dean Bobo, Sr. and Claudia June Bobo, 1.90 acres on Logsdon Lane, Livermore $5, FMV $20,000.

Willard V. McIntyre to Loretta J. Murphy, lot at 310 KY 138 E., Rumsey, $34,775.

Charles R. Medley and Shirley A. Medley to Benita Whittaker and David Whittaker, .563 acres on KY 593, Calhoun, $1,680.

Timothy Walker Pannell and Kelly Dawn Pannell to Steven Earl Wilson and Bonita Christine Wilson, 1 acre in Sacramento, $50,000.

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