Western Kentucky University-Owensboro will host a discussion about international affairs on March 28. 

Kevin Dorth, WKU-Owensboro manager of campus operations and adjunct history instructor, is also on the board of the directors for the Owensboro Area World Affairs Council. The OAWAC is a nonprofit that began in 2005. Its mission is to empower citizens in world affairs through dialogue and education, according to Dorth. 

Typically the group has four presentations during the fall semester and four presentations in the spring semester. They alternate among the four higher education institutions in Owensboro — WKU-O, Owensboro Community & Technical College, Kentucky Wesleyan College and Brescia University. For this round, the event will be at WKU-O.

This presentation will be by Jason Gainous, a University of Louisville political science professor and director of the Kentucky General Assembly internship program. Gainous will use his expertise in politics, social media and technology to discuss China, Dorth said, with the tentative title for his presentation being “Directed Dissidence in Autocracies.”

Dorth said the OAWAC has a goal to advance global understanding, and this informal and educational program is a way to promote community learning. 

“We encourage not only students, but anybody to attend,” Dorth said, adding that he teaches history and promotes the programs to his students. 

This talk will be relevant to current events, he said. 

see OAWAC/page a2

The event is free and open to the public and begins at 7 p.m. in the Badgett Foundation Conference Center, room 104, 4821 New Hartford Road. It will be a 40-minute program with a 20-minute question and answer session following. 

Judy Rouse, WKU-O administrative assistant, said this being a community welcomed event is a prime example of the good things still happening at the Owensboro campus.

“WKU is still here and we are going to be here,” she said. “We are doing some great things here, and I’m just so proud.”

Bobbie Hayse, bhayse@messenger-inquirer.com, 270-691-7315.

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