Family Fun Month is celebrated throughout the month of August. It is a great time to enjoy your family with extra fun and activities. Family fun does not need to be fancy or expensive, it's simply a way that families can spend time together. Families can have fun anywhere, anytime. Here are some great ideas for Family Fun Month:

•Order pizza and watch a movie in the backyard

•Go camping

•Take a vacation

•Go out for ice cream or pizza together

•Enjoy a backyard campfire

•Build a backyard or indoor fort

•Go on a family bike ride

•Take a day trip to a zoo or aquarium

•Go fishing together

•Go hiking or walking together

•Spend a day at the park

•Put on a family talent show

•Cook a meal together

•Have a family karaoke night

•Have a picnic

•Work on a puzzle together

•Go through photo albums together and share memories

•Have a water balloon battle

•Play Frisbee or catch

•Lay out blankets and gaze at the stars together

•Play miniature golf

•Visit a local museum

There are so many great options for family fun. Be creative and plan some great family times in August that might spill over to the rest of the year. It does not matter where you live or how much money you have. The most important thing is that you spend time together and have fun! Post on social media using #FamilyFunMonth to encourage others to join in.

References: National Day Calendar (2017). August is Family Fun Month. Available at

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