Today's tech gift idea is three products from Nuance purchased from Newegg.

Nuance Omnipage 18 is OCR (optical character recognition) software. It is primarily used to convert a scanned image into text or sometimes convert one type of document to another. I haven't used this version but did use earlier versions. Depending on your source, you can have recognition errors and formatting errors, but in many cases you can still save a lot of time by using OCR. The price of the software is $149.99, if you order before 12/31 and use the promo code on the page it's good for $89.99 off. There is also a $60 rebate that must be submitted before 12/31. That brings the total cost of the software to $0, free, nada, zilch.

NUANCE Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Home is a product you may have seen advertised on late night TV. It allows you to dictate to your computer and converts speech to text. It also allows you to control many PC functions via voice.  I have this product at home and while I like it I never got used to using it. I can see how it would become more accurate and natural if I had stuck to it, but I like having the TV or Radio on in the background. This package comes with the software and headphones with mic. It also comes with an adapter that allows the headset to be used with either separate jacks like on on a pc or a combined headphone/mic jack like on mobile phones. Price is $99.99. Through 12/31 there is a $59.99 discount code and a $40 rebate. Final price is zero.

NUANCE PaperPort 14 is software that integrates with your twain or wia compatible scanner and manages your scanner and scanned pdf documents. It is more intuitive to use for combining and splitting pdf files than any other system I've seen.  I personally love and hate this software. Installation can be buggy and varies greatly depending on PC and scanner models. However once installed I consider this to be one of the pieces of software I can't do without. All of my receipts, documents, contract, etc get scanned and stored with this software. I use the professional version of this software and I know it include the ability to quickly scan and fill in printed forms. I do not know if that function is in this version or not. Price is $99.99. Through 12/31 there is a $59.99 discount code and a $40 rebate. Final price is zero.

Nuance has a bad reputation for customer support. Compatibility issues also come into play as their software needs to integrate into the functionality of your scanner. In the case of Dragon, your system needs a fair amount of horsepower to handle the speech to text. That said, once installed and configured properly the products do what they say they do. Also I have had good experiences with their rebates. Be sure to give yourself enough time to receive and install the products and submit the rebate before the 31st. Once you remove the UPC for the rebate you cannot return the product if it does not work for you. 

Merry Christmas


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