There’s a dozen options for adding some internet smarts to your vanilla HDTV. If you already live in an apple world I recommend “Apple TV.” Likewise if you’re already an amazon prime member the Amazon Fire Stick or more capable Fire TV is probably your best bet. For simplicity and capabilities without relying on an amazon membership, or a full itunes account, I recommend a Roku device.

One of the granddaddies in this market is the Google Chromecast. At $35 its priced the same or cheaper than most of the other devices listed and honestly it doesn’t make any sense unless you have an Android Phone or Tablet. But if you do have I got a deal for you.

Best Buy has the Chromecast for $29.99. Not a huge discount, but for a limited time Best Buy are giving away a $20 gift card to Google Play (E-Books, movies, music, apps).

Also if you purchase and redeem by 12/21 Google is giving away another $20 credit to Google Play, plus 2 months of Hulu Plus, 90 days of unlimited music on google play, 90 days free of Dramafever, and the the first X-Men movie via Google Play.

I honestly consider the Chromecast the worst of the options I listed above. I also expect Google to be releasing a new device in the next few months. But at the price listed and with the giveawys, I’ve already ordered one of these for me and a few as gifts.


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MikeStickler Staff
Mike Stickler

There may be riots on Google's help forums. Best buy is now claiming they were not offering a $20 credit, they were just facilitating their customers claiming the one offered by Google. So if you claim your using the code supplied by Best Buy, you can not claim the one tied to your serial number.

I apologize for the confusion.

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