With more and more users turning to and making use of social media platforms, many brands now rely on social media for promotion opportunities. This exposure magnifies during the holidays when shoppers are going online, searching for products and looking to spend money. For this reason, it’s a great time to examine what companies are focusing on in terms of social media marketing efforts.

Brands are creating customer experiences that last for the entire holiday season. This can be done more effectively and at a lower cost if you prepare for it well before the holiday season. This will provide you with relevance throughout the holiday. During the weekend, you will find that social media engagement increases. Most consumers usually access their social media pages when they are shopping and this is the best time to take advantage by driving conversions with messages and sales. You can maximize your reach on Twitter and Facebook by a short burst of activity a day before people begin to shop for the holidays. Once you build the promotion of your brand, use other social media sites to continue conversations with active shoppers.


This brand rewards people with discounts and deals when they take daily green actions. Through the holidays, they present themselves as green lifestyle educators and offer interesting and relevant blogs based on this category. They dedicate their social media efforts on creating brand awareness. This leads interested customers to check out their microsite containing content from Twitter and Instagram inspiring visitors to be environmentally friendly and purchase their products.


This brand offers eco-friendly beauty products and uses social media content to create unique social offerings. They made use of their hashtag for aggregating shared Instagram content from fans on a tool offering from Offerpop. Additionally, they use their experts to reward fans throughout all platforms during the holiday season. They create well branded content as well as offer a $10K giveback program to their customers to win money that they can donate to their charities.


This shoe brand gained its popularity through the one for one campaign. The campaign was such that for each pair of shoes purchased, one would be donated to a child in need. They make use of Twitter and have gained a following of more than 2 million people.

They have been able to capture their audience using different campaigns and tools, keeping philanthropy as the focal point of their efforts. They host Instagram meet-ups and offer tool kits for all that want to take part. They have been able to create social awareness by engaging their fans and spreading their message globally, encouraging more to buy their shoes during the holiday season to help children in need.


Cadbury’s crème eggs are sold during a given period and have developed a fun campaign to boost the sales for this limited time. The brand has a successful Facebook page, which is a sign of how Cadbury has increased engagement online. They introduced Goo Games that broadened their reach and helped generate levels of sustained engagement. This is a sure way to get people’s attention and will spread your message to other networks as they play.

These companies have shown that social media engagement can be successfully used during the holidays to build brand awareness, but more importantly drive sales. The increased website activity during the holidays is useful in retargeting consumers that previously visited the sites of these brands. Additionally, social media will help promote the brands in real time building loyalties that last past the holidays.

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