[Dr. Eric Wilson] I'm Dr. Eric Wilson, PGA Master Professional, Executive Direct of Golf Operations for Keiser University College of Golf.

This is the only on-ground regionally accredited golf college in the country and we provide a 16-month Associate of Science degree-granting program in golf management

We have 5 PGA Master Professionals on-site as instructors and there are only 358 Master Professionals in the world. Our instructors are certified in Impact Zone Golf, I'm an Impact Zone Master Instructor. There is 17 of us in the world.

[Donna White] Hi, I'm Donna White. I'm a professor here at Keiser University.

I love teaching here because I can kinda blend both sides of the industry. As a professional golfer, I played on the LPGA tour and won 3 tournaments out there. I had an extensive Amateur and Junior career, as well, but I also enjoy and love being a golf professional. I can share my knowledge and expertise in retail, in teaching, in management, and it's just been a delight being able to teach here at Keiser University College of Golf.

[Brian Hughes] My name's Brian Hughes, PGA Master Professional, and I am the Golf Program Director here.

One of the great things about our school, one of the great things about our staff, our faculty, our students, everybody who comes here really shares a common interest and a common passion for the game of golf.

That’s what got us interested in this career myself once upon a time. That's what got all our faculty involved was an interest in the game of golf and guess what, that's why our students are here as well. 

Because of that the atmosphere is a lot of fun. Everybody walking down the hallways, no matter where you're from, what your other interests are or hobbies, you always have that common interest, common-point conversation which is, "Hey, how was your golf game?" And that makes it fun.

[John McMurry] We're a regionally-accredited university. We have an Associate of Science Golf Management program where our students come in here and learn the golf business from the ground-up. They come in with a passion for golf, they want to do something in the industry; we try to help them identify that. 

We have a 5,000 square-foot indoor practice facility for game improvement and training, we have a gym upstairs, and the way our curriculum is designed is we take them through every aspect of the golf industry from retail management to food & beverage to swing fundamentals as a player & an instructor.

[DW] Students can expect to get a taste of the entire industry as a whole -- From teaching, retail, tournament operations, turf management, rules of golf -- we touch on all aspects of the industry.

If you want to be a tournament operator, if you want to be a rules official, if you want to go into management, it's beyond playing the game, it's beyond your golf score, and I think that's one of the great advantages of this program. 

Another advantage that we have here is a 16-month curriculum. Its accelerated and its intense. 

[Brad Petashnick] We have everything from swing fundamentals, introduction to teaching, advanced instruction, club repair class. 

[JM] Club repair lab is probably one of our students' favorite places. They learn everything from how to re-grip golf clubs, to re-shaft golf clubs, to adjust all the technical features of the golf club that's important. 

[DEW] It is all Mitchell golf equipment in the lab itself and Mitchell golf equipment was the only golf equipment repair company allowed inside the gates at Augusta National at the Masters, and our students have access to that lab and they take the class, they learn through that, and they do practical application by repairing their own golf clubs, by building hybrid golf clubs, and understanding what importance the golf club fitting and repair industry is all about.

[BP] As far as the facilities go here at the College of Golf, we have an indoor short game facility, we have the simulator where you can play golf even if it's raining outside.

[Dr. Eric Wilson] You can track our ball flight into the different holes and watch the ball fly. We have a mat system ... by TaylorMade System. There are only 8 of those in the country, only 2 in the state of Florida, and we have one right over there.

[JM] What it basically does is give us the ability to look at a student's golf swing. After we get them situated in a hat with sensors on it, elbow pads, knee pads, booties for their feet to basically track their movements and create a 3D image -- which we are able to do -- and look at that image in 360 degrees. 

[BP] It's great for lessons with the different Master PGA Professionals we have here at this school. And then we also have hitting bays with both the V1 System. 

[Collin Conroy] The V1, that's my favorite, where you're able to record your swings, see where all the positions are, and it's really vital to helping your game out. 

[John Ennen] The resources that have been made available to the College of Golf students are unquestionably the best of any place I've heard of anywhere in the country. The PGA Learning Center, the headquarters of teaching for the PGA of America, is literally directly across the highway.

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