For something to exist, laws are required. If God exists, then laws must exist to govern God’s actions, just as the laws of motion govern our actions. Laws allow things such as God and us to exist. Therefore the laws must come first - before God or us. . These laws are both eternal and beyond God’s ability to change.

Assuming that God created the laws of nature is incorrect reasoning. For example, the area of a circle is Pi times the radius squared. This law is eternal. This law was not created. God cannot create or change this law. It just is. Can the will of God change the value of Pi from 3.14159… to be 2, 3.7 or 4? Certainly not! Pi is a constant of nature that is beyond the control of God. Could God make the volume of a sphere not equal to (4/3)Pi times the radius cubed? Certainly not! Could God change the law of gravity that also depends on the properties of a sphere? Certainly not! Natural law has the upper hand over any God.

What was the cause of our universe? The eternal and uncreated laws caused our universe to exist – not God. Before the existence of our universe, the state of “nothing” can be shown to be so unstable that it explodes into a Big Bang. The laws of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity show us how this explosion is triggered and how the resulting acceleration from this explosion creates both matter and gravity in a way that does not violate the energy conservation laws. Google and download “The Origin of the Universe – Case Closed” for more on this. The laws show us that we have a universe of something rather than nothing because the state of nothing is unstable. Laws create the universe and any God is powerless over these laws.

When you look up at the stars at night, you are seeing the creative power of the natural laws.

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