• Kentucky Wesleyan College announces the spring 2019 President's List and Dean's List. To be eligible for the President's List for superior academic achievement, students must attain a 4.0-grade point average while carrying a minimum of 12 semester hours. To be eligible for the Dean's List, students must attain a 3.5-grade point average on a 4.0 scale while carrying a minimum of 12 semester hours.

President's List

Daviess County: Tristan Bidwell, Camron Blandford, Jerron Boling, Allyson Boone, William Boultinghouse, Nathan Boyle, Molly Burden, Charles Chappell, Josiah Coleman, Leah Cravens, Joshua Goldman, Mariah Hamilton, Michael Hoover, Courtney Kamuf, Christopher McCarthy, Morgan Montgomery, Madallyn Peveler, Jared Ralph, Jessica Rice, Candida Samek, Jessica Shelton

Breckinridge County: Samuel Bland, Lillian Grimes, Ariel Kennedy

Hancock County: Caitlyn Lawson

McLean County: Brenda Boyken

Muhlenberg County: Emily Jenkins, Alicia Nelson

Ohio County: Kiah Gledhill, Sydney Leisure, Natalie Mercer Payne, Brooklynn Moore

Perry County, Ind.: Hayley Fackler

Spencer County, Ind.: Calista Self, Jacob Winkler

Dean's List

Daviess County: Matthew Bell, Sarah Bell, Isabelle Birkett, Brady Blythe, Madelin Boarman, Adam Bouchard, Leslie Burns, Karina Delgadillo, Cody Devine, Jeffrey Eades, Lauren Elliott, Charles Ford, Christopher Frazier, Michael Gilmer, Jonathan Goodwin, Brie Greer, Olivia Greer, Leonard Grenier, Sarah Haleman, Nathan Hayes, Melinda Haynes, Erika Hinchcliffe, Cameron Hofmann, Jessica Holloway, Zach Hopewell, Allen Howe, Gabrianna Jones, Stephen Kurz, Joshua Mangaya, Morgan Marksberry, Keleigh Martinez-Mata, Heather Mast, Hunter McCarty, Jaylen McEwen, Lacie Mills, Alexis Mullin, Shelby Settle Payne, John Sawyer, Hadley Shepherd, Hannah Slack, Kendall Terry, Felicia Velotta, Skylar Walden, Brianna Ward, Emily Wheeler, Alexis Wilkerson, Karli Wilkerson, Jason Winkler

Breckinridge County: Michael Dubree, Kinsey Woehler

Hancock County: Jeremy Henderson, Christopher Jacobs, Amber Shultz, Rae Wigginton

McLean County: Josiah Berggren, Charles Evans, Brittney Payton, Kenzie Tomes, Darrian Zuehl

Muhlenberg County: Sarah Dearth, Hunter Noffsinger

Ohio County: Braxton Bratcher, Zachary Gledhill, Adam Greenwell, Justus Johnson, Geyna Moore, Michaeleigh Wilson

Spencer County, Ind.: Madalyn Dawson, Monica Esarey, Breigh Haase, Isaac Rowan, Jamie Tempel, Michael Toler, Malin Webb

• The University of Kentucky held its annual research showcase event that provides undergraduate students the opportunity to professionally present, perform or demonstrate their faculty-mentored research to faculty, staff, students and the general public.

Maria Shamai of Owensboro participated in the UK Spring 2019 Showcase of Undergraduate Scholars. Shamai presented findings at the showcase in the form of a scientific poster titled, "The Effects of Ecosystem Type and Tourism Level on the Diversity of the Lemur Gut Microbiome and The Impact of Forest Fragmentation on Gut Microbiome Composition and Diversity in Wild and Phylosymbiosis in the Gut Microbiomes of Wild Lemurs."

• Owensboro Community & Technical College is partnering with Western Kentucky University to offer students the opportunity to earn a paralegal studies degree. Students would take the first two years of study at OCTC earning an associate degree. The student would then transfer to WKU and complete the Bachelor of Arts degree.

The BA in paralegal studies will be offered through the WKU Department of Political Science and led by Professor/Program Coordinator Dr. Julie Shadoan.

Courses will be offered in Owensboro through a combination of in-person, interactive live-streaming and online course formats. Students or alumni that are interested in transferring into this program should contact julie.shadoan@wku.edu.

• Jack Padgett of Owensboro was named to the spring 2019 Dean's List at Berry College. The Dean's List honors students who posted an academic average of 3.5 or better on a 4.0 scale while carrying a class load of at least 12 hours during the semester.

• Katelynn Miller of Owensboro was named to the Carson-Newman University Dean's List for the spring 2019 semester.

Students earning a grade point average of 3.5 or higher while taking 12 or more credit hours are awarded the distinction of Dean's List honors.

• Brooklyn Girten of Owensboro was selected for the Missouri Valley College spring Dean's List. The requirements for the Dean's List are a 3.3 or higher grade point average; at least 12 graded hours for the semester and no "D," "F," or "Incomplete" grades for the semester.

• The following Berea College students were named to the Spring 2019 Dean's List: Michelle Atkinson of Owensboro; Martin Christson of Harned; and Jacob Ford of Bremen.

A student is named to the Dean's List who achieves a GPA of 3.4 or higher while passing at least 4 total credits, a course load equivalent to 16 semester hours.

• The following students achieved the Dean's List at Belmont University for the spring 2019 semester: Megan Kaluzny of Owensboro; Carrie Neville of Owensboro; Jessica Payne of Hawesville; Katelynn Perkins of Greenville; Molly Trunnell of Owensboro.

Eligibility is based on a minimum course load of 12 hours and a quality grade point average of 3.5 with no grade below a C.

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