They say there’s a silver lining behind every cloud.

And for Amy Krueger, the silver lining behind the coronavirus cloud was a major increase in business for her Big ‘O’ccasion Yard Greetings.

“That’s the only upside of COVID,” she said Monday.

Krueger took the business over from her best friend, Liz Rosi, in January.

“She’s a pharmaceutical rep with three kids,” Krueger said. “She had it for about two years. She just did it on the side. So, she turned it over to me.”

“Skip The Card, Say It In The Yard,” is Krueger’s motto.

She took the business over two months before COVID hit Owensboro and people learned about social distancing.

And suddenly, Krueger’s business tripled.

“And it’s stayed pretty steady since then,” she said. “Liz was probably doing a fifth of the business I’ve been doing.”

Birthdays had always been a steady part of the business, with big yard signs wishing someone a happy birthday.

They also wished people a happy retirement or some other occasion.

But when people had to cancel birthday parties, graduation parties and other social occasions, yard signs really took off.

“Parades were a huge hit,” Krueger said.

Friends would drive by to wish people a happy birthday and leave gifts on a table in the yard next to a yard sign.

“I did several baby showers and wedding showers that way too,” Krueger said. “I went to some and saw others on Facebook.”

When her business took off, Krueger found that she couldn’t keep up.

“I could only do four signs a day,” she said. “It was so stressful when parents called up and wanted a sign for a child’s birthday and I couldn’t do it.”

So, Krueger bought more giant letters and numbers and expanded.

“Now, I could do 20 to 25 signs a day,” she said. “But so far, 10 is the most I’ve done in a day.”

Krueger said, “My husband works swing shift. But my 16-year-old son helps me and Liz’s 17-year-old son helps.”

All the extra yard signs this year have also helped advertise her business and keep it growing, she said.


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