• Thanks to all of the extra people that made our 12th annual Fireworks Show for the City of Whitesville a success:

Greer Excavating, Whitesville Lions Club, Whitesville Fire Department, Green River Firefighters Association Honor Guards, Charlie Rafferty, Wayne Burns and road crew at Daviess County Detention, Constable David Underhill and Steve Nave, Deputy Kelly Payne, Sheriff Keith Cane, Todd Roberts, Lee Mills, Jerry Rogers, great music by Gary Howard, Chuck Hagan, Randall Howard, David Morris, Mark Shelton, Isaac Rhodes, Brad Pedley, Page Crabtree, Parker McManaway, Dale Nash, Derek Park, Emily Shelton (national anthem). Fr. Brian Roby (prayers), Whitesville Elementary School, Trinity High School ball team, Kort Physical Therapy, Jill Ward, and above all - thanks to God for the beautiful weather.

Mayor Patsy Mayfield and the Whitesville City Commission

• We would like to say a special thanks to the 8th-floor Oncology Department at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital - thanks to all the nephrologists, pulmonologists, cardiologists, hospitalists, medical doctors, supervision of nursing, R.N.'s, and assistants for the great care and concern we received during our recent lengthy stay. Also, thanks to the immunologists and phlebotomists. Thanks for the peripherally inserted central catheter lines. Thanks to all transporters for each test taken.

We would not leave out the station call service for answering out calls of need. A special thanks to the daily Housekeeping Department and the cafeteria workers and delivery to keep us fed. We thank the occupational therapists and physical therapists for getting us ready for home. We are truly blessed to have this state-of-the-art hospital in our area.


Fletcher "Rick" and Grace Miller

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