• The Owensboro Dance Theatre selected company and apprentice company members for the 2019-2020 season from auditions held at the company's resident school.

Members of the company are Ella Adams, Fletcher Barr, Lauren Benningfield, Gracie Broughton, Jakobe Carlisle, Madelyn Castlen, Reese DeHaven, Haley Gorman, Maegan Hale, Mamie Hale, Alex Hancock, Reese Hayden, Ava Hyland, Gracie Howard, Nicole Johnson, Morgen Jones, Chloe King, Jenna Luckett, Anna Manqueros, Madison Mattingly, Jenna McCarty, Dylan McCollam, Payton McCollam, Maggy Quinn, Hailey Sandefur, Emma Silvert, Lilly Silvert, Sophie Sorrells, Vivian Terry and Kayla Thomson.

Members of the apprentice company are Elli DeHaven, Eliza Beth Francis, Anna Morgan Hendrix, Charley Hicks, Annie Iracane, Hadley Jenkins, Jillian Ramsey, Annie Kate Roberts,

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Isabella Tipmore and Lily Thomas.

ODT members have a number of duties and responsibilities as company and apprentice company members. All members must have 10 hours of dance classes a week, plus required in extra rehearsals for performances. They perform in three professional concerts a year as well as showcasing their talent in a minimum of five community performances. They will perform in "The Nutcracker," "Dance Battle Extravaganza," featuring Giordano Dance Chicago, and In Concert featuring "The Circle of Life ... A Lion's Tale."

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