On behalf of Grain Day, Inc., I am excited to announce the 46th Annual Ag Expo to be held at the Owensboro Convention Center on Wednesday, Jan. 29. The agenda, with the speaker titles, topics, times, and current sponsor list as of today, is available on my website at http://daviess.ca.uky.edu/.

We are honored to have Mr. Wayne Humphreys as keynote speaker at Ag Expo this year. Wayne is a lifelong grain and livestock farmer on Louisa County, Iowa farmland that has been in his family for more than a century. Public speaking began in high school for Wayne, and he has carried his message of “lead with your ACES” across the U.S.

As a motivational humorist, Wayne’s delightful messages reveal that the best investment is an investment in yourself and those around you. In a world that is changing every day, people need to reach out and give each other the balance of attitude, communication, enthusiasm, and simple sincerity.

Dr. Todd Davis closely follows world grain stocks and use projections. He will provide an update of his expectations for use and price in the coming marketing year. He will speak twice. Solid crop yield estimates will provide the opportunity to demonstrate the ARC-Co vs. PLC calculator in the second session, providing practical 2018 Farm Bill enrollment advice.

Dr. Edwin Ritchey will discuss soil fertility from a unique perspective — whether it is an opportunity that increases yields or a production obligation which increases soil fertility levels already in the soil. He will discuss products which claim to increase the availability of nutrients already in the soil.

Fungicide-applied soybean acres increase every year, with varying levels of results. Dr. Carl Bradley will discuss the major diseases to target with fungicide and how to gain the most return for your investment with product selection and timing.

Drs. Carrie Knott and Chad Lee have been testing sulfur treatments combined with foliar fertility that have revealed increased yield in soybeans. Dr. Knott will explain their research and their conclusion in what has been the cause of the increase in yield.

The past few years have been wet, with 2019 surpassing all recent history. Dr. Josh McGrath will discuss adjusting nitrogen rates and application methods if wet growing seasons are set to become a new normal.

Machinery repair and depreciation are major expenses for all farms. Dr. Jordan Shockley will discuss how to improve profitability through machinery management.

The FSA is constantly evolving as it interprets and distributes agricultural policy throughout the country. Travis Chick with KY FSA will provide an update and discussion on current program opportunities.

Always a favorite at Ag Expo, Clint Quarles returns in 2020 to provide an update on agricultural law and liability and answer questions from the audience.

Following lunch, Phil Rowland will provide the required training for farms intending to use soybean-labeled dicamba products in 2020.

Ag Expo would not be possible without sponsorship provided by the local and regional businesses that participate in the industry trade show. We appreciate their contribution in making the day a premier agricultural event each year. Sponsorship opportunities are still available. To inquire about the levels of sponsorship, call the Extension Office at 270-685-8480.

Spring Calving

Spring calving season will begin soon. For young calves, diarrhea scours is one of the leading causes of sickness and death. Mildly dehydrated calves showing minimal skin tenting when the neck skin is pinched, sinking of the eye(s) into the head, moist eyes, and some mucous are ideal candidates for oral fluids.

Use of oral electrolyte fluid supplements for scouring calves can be administered at approximately 5% of body weight, in pints. An example would be 4 pints for an 80-pound calf. Continued assessment of the scouring calf’s condition is required in order to make good decisions regarding the frequency of fluid administration.

Milk or milk replacers should not be withheld from scouring calves. None of the oral electrolyte formulas provide adequate protein and energy to replace milk. Calves should be allowed to continue nursing when possible, while receiving oral electrolytes as long as they still exhibit diarrhea.

Office ClosedThe Daviess County Cooperative Extension Service Office is closed today in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Don Wilkins, dwilkins@messenger-inquirer.com, 270-691-7299

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