The following business licenses were issued between March 22 and March 26:

Tammy Boarman, 3244 Spring Ridge Parkway, Owensboro, residential leasing

Diaz Rentals, Beaver Dam

Joseph Harper, 4161 Kentucky 554, Utica, professional and technical services

Joseph and Jean Wedding, 6585 Foster Road, Philpot, real estate leasing

Hagan Brothers Farm, 10291 Kentucky 764, Whitesville

M & M Properties KY LLC, 8825 Short Station Road, Philpot

Gene Vanover, 4201 Upper Spring Court, Owensboro, wholesaler

Snowy’s Shaved Ice, 2849 Tanglewood Drive, Owensboro

C W Contracting, 8529 Kentucky 81, Owensboro

Landmark Sprinkler Inc., Lexington

All The Smoke, 3417 Hawthorne Drive, Owensboro, tobacco store

Viskase Companies Inc., Lombard, Illinois, meat wholesaler

Doodlebug Foodmart, 3828 Edenberry Court, Owensboro

Hamilton’s Parts & Customs, 6714 Jack Hinton Road, Philpot

Steven Harralson, 4306 Edgewood Court, Owensboro, insurance

Jordan Pruden, 10720 Sauer Lane, Owensboro, landscaping

Alsup Lawn Care, 716 E. 19th St., Owensboro

Abnormal Security, San Francisco

Easler & White Mediversal Group, 922 Triplett St., Owensboro, physician’s office

NCH Management Systems Inc., Brea, California

Ferguson Enterprises LLC, Newport News, Virginia, heating and air conditioning wholesaler

Historical Conquest, Liberty, Missouri, educational support services

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