The following business licenses were issued between July 13 and July 17:

Trion Solutions II Inc., Troy, Michigan, professional employer organization

Nextep Business Solutions Inc., Norman, Oklahoma

Riley Hall Enterprises LLC, 3811 Pleasant Valley Road, Owensboro, real estate leasing

Raange Investments LLC, 2029 Lancaster Ave., Owensboro

Peter and Angela Hall, 3811 Pleasant Valley Road, Owensboro, residential leasing

Trident Topco LLC, Sparks, Maryland, holding company office

In Vicis Holdings LLC, 6560 Brookwood Drive, Owensboro, residential leasing

Irwin Randell Cohen PLLC, Crestwood, physician office

Sew Safe, 2356 Tradition Ave., Owensboro, direct sales

Simplicity & Soul, 1321 Western Court, Owensboro, direct sales

Eversole Earthworks LLC, 10085 Lanham Road, Philpot, site preparation contractors

Handyman Services, 2501 Landing Terrace, Owensboro

HandledNow LLC, Indianapolis, freight trucking

Novus Ag LLC, Kansas City

T.A. Millay Construction LLC, 10730 Gore Road, Utica

Telaid Industries Inc., Niantic, Connecticut

PeezO’s Pizza, 2100 W. Second St., Owensboro

ARK Vintage Furniture & Renovation, 5448 Dee Acres Drive, Philpot

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