The following business licenses were issued the week of April 26-30:

Deep Waters Counseling LLC, 5900 Millers Mill Road, Philpot

Phantom Fireworks, Youngstown, Ohio

Jennings Concrete, 706 Rand Road, Owensboro

Joseph Nathaniel May, 7223 Kentucky 81, Owensboro, landscaping

3J Redwood LLC, 4319 Spring Bank Drive, Owensboro, real estate leasing

Green River Appliance Leasing LLC, 120 E. 14th St., Owensboro

Amusement Games Inc., Huntingburg, Indiana

Jane K. Dunn, 6656 Waterford Place, Owensboro, crop farming

Joseph B. Smith, 2412 Kentucky 1554, Owensboro, real estate leasing

Chillzy B’s Soft Serve Ice Cream Treats, Henderson

Home Run Lawn & Home Repair, 2516 Lake Point, Owensboro

MJ Barnes Service LLC, Woodstock, Georgia, circuit board manufacturing

General Marine Services LLC, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Tropical Smoothie Café, 1215 Lyddane Bridge Road, Owensboro

Bird Brothers Custom Renovations LLC, Newburgh

RG Telcom LLC, Oakland City, Indiana, electrical contractor

Mustard Seed Cleaning Services LLP. 5314 Roby Road, Philpot

Taplin Group LLC, Kalamazoo, Michigan, electrical contractor

Sooo Icy Snow Cones and More, 227 Sycamore St., Owensboro

3’DK Selfie Expression, 2218 W. Ninth St., Owensboro, photography studio

The Unique Nest LLC, 1303 Breckenridge St., Owensboro, general merchandise

Signarama, Evansville, durable goods wholesaler

MCI Mechanical Inc., 7727 Old Kentucky 81, Owensboro

Architectural Designer, 4075 Pine Lake Court, Owensboro

Culture Cuts Hair Lounge, 1415 Bosley Road, Owensboro

River City Lock and Key, 2900 Legion Park Drive, Owensboro

Basic Systems USA, Gas City, Indiana, equipment repair and maintenance

Sledges’s Electric Service LLC, 7727 Old Kentucky 81, Owensboro

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