Ethan Page, left, and David Wisotzkey manage Cavanaugh Pool, Spa & Patio at 3332 Villa Point.

Add swimming pools and hot tubs to the growing list of shortages created by the coronavirus pandemic.

The shortages began with hand sanitizer and toilet paper and escalated to bicycles, guns, ammunition and a lot more things that people with time on their hands suddenly wanted.

“Getting hot tubs now is impossible,” David Wisotzkey, manager of the Cavanaugh Pool, Spa & Patio store at 3332 Villa Pointe, said last week.

“We usually have several in stock,” he said. “But they’re mostly made in Oregon and California. And those states got hit hard early. They say it will be January before we can get any more.”

Hot tubs are “very popular here,” Wisotzkey said.

He said, “You’re looking at mid-September now to get a pool. Everybody is swamped. The equipment is in short supply — liners, ladders, pumps, everything. We’re even struggling to get chemicals.”

Wisotzkey said, “When this started in March, our warehouse was full and we were worried that it would be awhile before we could sell it. Now, we’re worried about getting more.”

With most people skipping travel this year because of the growing pandemic, more people are trying to improve their homes.

And swimming pools are in demand nationwide.

Wisotzkey said the company opened its Madisonville store in 1987.

The Owensboro location off Kentucky 54 opened on April 2, 2018.

“We’ll do about 160 above ground and 25 in ground pools this year,” Wisotzkey said. “In our second year, we doubled our first year. And this year, we passed last year’s mark by July 4.”

2020 is already a record year, he said, “but it would be a lot bigger if we could just get our supplies.”

“People want pools, especially this year when there’s so little to do,” Wisotzkey said.

He said the company is trying to get more pool installers to keep up with demand.

Above-ground pools are usually between 24 feet and 27 feet in diameter, Wisotzkey said.

In-ground are usually around 18 feet by 36 feet, he said.

But some are larger and some are smaller.

The company sells and installs pools anywhere in western Kentucky, Wisotzkey said.

“But we try to stay within a 50-mile radius of Owensboro and Madisonville,” he said.

“Word of mouth is really important,” Wisotzkey said. “We’ve had four or five families want a pool because their neighbor got one.”

Saltwater pools are still big, he said, “but not as big as they were 10 years ago.”

The upper range of pools in this area can go as high as $100,000.

But most are a lot cheaper, Wisotzkey said.

Building permits the company picked up last week for pools showed one at $24,000 and another at $37,650.

Keith Lawrence 270-691-7301

Keith Lawrence 270-691-7301

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