The following real estate transfers were recorded from March 3 to March 10.

94 acres on Old Lyddane Bridge Road, IB Park LLC and others to Kuegel Farms LLC, $1,029,589.

Property on Roby Road, Samuel and Mary Fulkerson and others to Gerald and Judy Coomes, $274,000.

1404 Maple Ave., Mary Osborne and others to Vicki Osborne, $110,000.

2020 Robin Road, Lena Koontz to TRBJ Investments LLC, $110,800.

1201 Hickory Lane, Town and Country Construction LLC to Crystal Patterson, $360,000.

1760 E. 26th St., Terrence Cecil and others to A&C Property Rentals LLC, $63,000.

302 E. 20th St., Wrightwood LLC to Drew Cunningham, $80,000.

2661 Hillbrooke Parkway, Michael Fort and others to Mary Fort, $200,000.

1900 Triplett St., B&K Partners LLC to People Placer LLC, $260,000.

4816 Kentucky 142, Brett Hudson and Lindsey Hudson to James and Tara Groves, $195,000.

6230 Masonville Habit Road, Edgar Bartlett to R.M. and Mary Jo Smith, $101,235.

2509 Dartmouth Drive, Michael and Kelly Stinnett to Andrew and Samantha Payne, $183,500.

2443 Ford Ave., Larry and Sherri McDaniel to Joseph and Denise Brown, $252,000.

2331 Blossom Court, Jagoe Premier Properties LLC to Joseph and Tonya Fertig, $214,900.

2419 Clay St., Anthony and Lacie Baker to Christopher Graves, $72,500.

122 E. 21st St., Patricia and Daniel Schlesinger to Aull’s Property Management Rental LLC, $55,000.

2733 Lookout Drive, James and Beverly Knott to Morgan McCubbin, $143,000.

1925 Paddock Point Cove, Sherry Pike to Richard and Laura Edge, $218,500.

2234 Count Turf Drive, Crystal Sorley to Sandra Drake, $118,000.

2605 Old Hartford Road, 2707 Old Hartford Road, 1420 E. 26th St., 1426 E. 26th St. and 1440 E. 26th St., Equity Trade and Relocation Co. to Jagoe Homes Inc., $270,000.

4012 Reliant Circle, Christopher Graves and Heather Graves to Lindsey Hudson, $154,000.

6278 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Anthony and Lacie Baker, $218,334.

201 Wilder Drive, estate of Kenneth Dunn to Mike and Kelly Stinnett, $80,000.

1032 Byers Ave. E., Douglas and Kathy Tarrence to Laurel Bozman, $170,000.

3728 Briarcliff Trace, Dale and Marian Buskill to Donnie Dennis and Karen Bishop. $412,000.

3815 Frederica St., estate of Ann Tafarella to Treychip Enterprises LLC, $74,000.

659 Chuck Gray Court, Victoria Johnson to Landon Wood, $50,000.

3508 E. Sixth St., Federal National Mortgage Association to Jeremy Wathen, $71,500.

2218 Landing Meadows, Barry Logsdon to Peggy Dant, $150,000.

9235 Kentucky 815, Gail and David Evans to Samuel Sparks, $102,500.

4229 Veach Road, estate Corrine Hedden to Lucas and Lynsie Pietraszkiewicz, $57,500.

1201 W. Ninth St., Melvin Hart to Belinda Steinwachs, $35,000.

522 Griffith Ave., Silver Fox Investments LLC to Robert and Mitsa Greene, $539,900.

422 Frederica St., Hard Hat Inc. to Tong Enterprises LLC, $145,000.

4324 Ridge Road, Mary and Chris Alvey to Tiffany Crabtree, $79,900.

3026 Daviess St., Brian and Karen Booth to Drew Aud, $76,000.

420 Clay St., Brian Luttrell to Kara Golladay, $53,560.

3004 Waterside Way, Ryan Crisp and Amber Crisp to James and Beverly Knott, $244,500.

525 Kentucky 1554, Tim Free to Meigan Jackson, $50,000.

2213 Triple Crown Way, Alice Newell to Amanda Williams, $147,200.

4962 Diamond Ave., Brock and Cassie Johnson to Stacy Thompson, $195,000.

3779 Thruston Dermont Road, Bernard Gratzer to Harry Roberts, $110,000.

3415 New Hartford Road, Koger Properties LLC to Byrne-Riney Properties LLC, $190,000.

1315 Breckenridge St., William and Suellen Bartos to Manuel Reyes and Maria Ortiz, $12,000.

2209 Belmont Drive, Brittany Williams to Kennedy Cole, $88,000.

8735 Sawmill Road, Billy Keiser Sr. to Tonya and Billy Keiser Jr., $47,141. 

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