The following real estate transfers were recorded between July 19-24, 2020:

4807 Kentucky 81, Karen and Timothy Reynolds to Joseph Berry, $105,000

3952 Brookfield Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $36,750

3952 Brookfield Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Randy Barlett, $209,061

6263 Valley Brook Trace, Emily Roark to Derrell and Jana Billingsley, $234,900

2823 South Hampton Road, Chad and Crystal Heady to Kevin and Stephanie Johnson, $45,000

2670 Greenback Road, Anthony and Bell Miller to David Bickett, $88,000

6144 Sutter Loop West, Naomi Hardesty to Kelsey Roberts, $121,500

1811 Monarch Avenue, Julie Yates and David Yates to Sarah Bradley, $85,000

605 Hill Avenue, Ryan and Shannon Lloyd to Alexander Tignor and Alexandria Lynn, $164,900

2651 Holland Drive, James and Brandy Atherton to Krystle and Dustin Graham, $242,700

5442 Park Haven Bend, KSB LLC to Levi and Angela Haynes, $249,900

5324 Jack Hinton Road, Richard and Jeannie Mattingly to John and Julia Midkiff, $237,000

3070 Avenue of the Park, Ryan Bristow to Walter Swift, $159,000

2500 Windsor Avenue, Mary Stinnett to Maria Metzger, $103,000

4323 Harbor Hills Trace, Timothy and Alexea Carrico to Joseph and Lisa Shoemaker, $174,900

4653 Medley Road, Joseph and Lisa Shoemaker to Jane Roberts, $295,000

2137 Chaffe Court, MBA Inestments LLC to Keely Cecil, $99,150

2391 Ottawa Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Heather McHenry, $184,190

2620 Count Fleet Loop, Benjamin W. King Revocable Trust to Breanna Roberts, $130,000

12029 Kentucky 1513, Susan Sandow to Colton Lanham, $143,000

919 Cedar Street, Equity Partners LLC to Medlock Properties LLC, $95,500

3071 Creek Branch Cove, Eric Gelinas and Susan Lang to Natonal Residential Nominee Services LLC, $380,000

3071 Creek Branch Cove, National Residential Nominee Services LLC to Stefanie Oller, $380,000

729 Danberry Street, Rebecca and Blake Lasher to Chad and Judell Gore, $100,000

2344 Monroe Avenue, Deer Valley Subdivisions LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $34,500

2344 Monroe Avenue, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Danny Minor, $223,284

335 Church Street, Adam Turner to Joy and Toby Hoover, $105,000

2339 Greenbriar Road, Anthony Brown to Juan Mireles and Sondra Perez, $21,000

6206 Autumn Valley Trace, William and Felicia Brumfield to Derek and Lindsey Grotrian, $228,900

5540 Goldenrod Lane, Damion and Amanda Evans to Erica Jones and Cesar Guzman, $181,000

10040 Lanham Road, Nestor and Vivian Herrera to Diane Moody, $350,000

4425 Wexford Crossing, David and Kimberly Docimo to Chad and Kristen Hart, $324,000

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