The following real estate transfers were recorded between Oct. 28-31, 2020:

925 Griffith Avenue, Hal Frum to James Howard, $295,000

2274 Flowerette Court, Sierra and Chad Wolpert to Molly Welch and Gavin Kirtley, $195,000

920 Maple Street, Benjamin and Karen Miller to Michael Butler, $180,000

2513 Downing Drive, Alissa Boone to Darann Johnson, $142,500

2313 Heritage Park Drive, Steven Vanover to Chase Whitmore, $154,000

6630 Autumn Creek, Erica and Harry Pedigo to Christopher and Crystal Purcell, $252,500

2712 Old Hartford Road, Lonnie Goben to Violet Stearsman, $114,200

309 East 23rd Street, Emily Wilson and Matthew Clark to Peter and Gayle Durr, $124,900

4731 Carlsbad Lane, Wayne and Theresa Wilson to Michael and Gigi Mackey, $334,500

4029 Kensington Place, Kelsey and Jared Peacock to Zachary an Kennedy Hayden, $186,900

2910 South Griffith Avenue, Margie Hodges to Denise Bratton, $165,000

418 Reid Road, Town and Country of Owensboro LLC to Bluegrass MHP Holdings LLC, $1,450,000

508 Wesleyan Place, William Stone, Benjamin Stone, Lori McDonald and Colin McDonald to Jordan and Shayla Hancock, $137,500

4944 Meadowlark Drive, Frances Watts and Anita Nix to Steven and Edna Johnson, $80,000

3323 Allen Street, Thomas and Mira Payne to N & G Legacy Estates, $55,000

1703 East 24th Street, Keith and April Gough to Kristina Knapp, $121,500

4418 Hunters Trace, Ethan and Elisha Lyne to Krystin Wells, $169,000

420 Catalina Drive, Dream Design LLC to Edward Simpson, $128,900

4613 Kings Mill Drive, Justin and Katrina Purcell to Daniel Lanham, $147,000

3981 Brookside Court, Gregory Adams to Gregory and Meleah Vaught, $186,000

3306 Shadewood Terrace, Alan and Lisa Lawrence to Leah and Stephen Mullins, $246,500

3205 Daviess Street, Michael and Valerie Short to Sky and Brenna Saylor, $105,000

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