The following real estate transfers were recorded between Feb. 4 to Feb. 9:

6360 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Guarenteed Trade LLC to Logan and Katelynn Buckman, $194,900

8347 Kentucky 56, Paul and Bonnie Hancock to Garrett and Jessie Horsley, $50,220

9342 Sauer Lane, Crystal and Ryan Howard to WBD Solo 401K Trust, $65,000

2646 Cherry Blossom Court, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $30,225

2646 Cherry Blossom Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Hunter and Jessica Ragan, $191,018

3513 E. Surrey Drive, Donald Oliver to Jason Roberts, $79,900

917 Isaac Shelby Drive, Dylan Inhulsen to Thomas and Della Poole, $124,500

4401 Scotty Lane, Barbara Winstead to David and Brittani Feltman, $193,000

2257 Woodstone Court, Wesley and Jean Capps to Jeffrey and Michelle Green, $275,000

1000 Jackson St., Mary Sinnett and George Cline to Matthew Howard, $3,000

301 E. 16 St., McHayden Properties LLC to Jason and Ashley Payne, $552,000

1148 Triplett St., Michael and Joella Baker to OWB Downtown LLC, $4,000

118 St. Ann St., Michael and Joella Baker to OWB Downtown LLC, $26,000

2711 Summer Point Court, Brittney Bapps to Jerold McDonald II, $193,900

1724 Navajo Drive, Jerold McDonald II to Sarah Lawrence, $129,900

2387 Watson Circle, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Sandra Dawdy, $253,080

2426 Alysa Landing, Estate of Jo Ann Tabb to Tiffany Hoffman, $255,000

2662 Cherry Blossom Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Joshua Skimmerhorn, $194,900

2662 Hayden Road, Matthew Hoffman and Tiffany Hoffman to Frank and Cleta Brancato, $575,000

1913 Sunset Drive, Philip and Cheryl McGovern and others to David McGivern II, $85,000

1203 W. Fourth St., Mitchell Rentals LLC to Poonam Gollen, $10,000

400 Wing Ave., Krystal and Jason Kimmins Sr. to Elizabeth Skaggs, $75,000

3136 Allen St., Jason Terry to Cassondra House, $104,000

10357 Main St., Vickey Wood and Michael Grasela to Ohio Valley Properties LLC, $50,000

12957 Red Hill Maxwell Road, David Presson and Marie Krzton to Wellspring Real Estate Holdings, $84,200

3827 Courtside Drive, William Fares Jr. and Ashton Fulkerson to Doodlyn Colas and Kristin Lamb, $218,000

3022 Daviess St., Tad Hatfield to Poonam Gollen, $85,000

3678 Saddle Bend, Thompson Homes Inc. to Jane Nishimori, $217,443

6107 Fairmont Court, Kelly and David Conner to Raina Fauste and James Faith Jr., $345,000

1734 E. Parrish Ave., JJP Jumpin Jack LLC to Hayden Development Co. LLC, $750,000

2001 Emmick Way, Hayden Development Co. to JJP Jumpin Jack LLC, $1.5 million

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