The following real estate transfers were recorded between Nov. 10-14, 2020:

5175 Sea Biscuit Loop, Sandra Dawdy to Shawn Johnson, $215,000

447 Camden Circle, Benjamin and Melissa Kamuf to Jared and Chandler Lawless, $163,000

4036 Ronnie Lake Road, Milton and Marian Buskill and Independence Bank of Kentucky to 4036 Ronnie Lake Road LLC, $150,000

3632 War Admiral Drive, Jen Strong to Michelle Spencer, $167,000

3138 Old Hartford Road, Donna Bartlett to Maheshkumar Patel, $53,300

3212 Old Hartford Road, Homes by Benny Clark Inc. and RBC Inc. to Maheshkumar Patel, $106,600

2511 South Cherokee Drive, Roy and Marie Hicks to Emily Zuerner, $144,000

251 Ridgecrest Place, James and Janet Murphy to Sean and Paige McGehee, $319,900

418 Center Street, Noel and Desire Maxwell to Project 1924 LLC, $62,500

2869 Silver Creek Loop, William and Mary Hays to Erica Wade, $221,900

3315 Adams Street, Donita Lucas to D’Angelo Scisney, $115,900

2324 Harriet Lane, Mark and Christina Embry to Alex Jewell, $82,000

714 Shelborn Drive, Terry and Kristy Cooney to R.C. Cooney, Jr., $115,000

3474 London Pike, Linda Field to Erica and Harry Pedigo, $265,000

17 River Road, Brandon and Meagan Smith to Malena and James Hendricks, $104,900

2637 Central Park Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Linda Fields, $195,320

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