The following real estate transfers were recorded between June 23-July 8, 2020:

104 Gilmour Court, David and Amy Boone to JMS LLC and K&D Development LLC, $40,000

4326 Hawthorne Drive, James and Jimmylou Vandgrift to Mary Payne, $114,900

3316 Adams Street, Kristie Williams to Christina Raines, $125,900

5959 Stevens School Road, Nathan and Traci Knott to John Myers, $156,000

9906 Highway 951, Pup Creek Farms LLC to John and Kay Higdon, $20,000

2408 Middleground Drive, James and Natalie Mansfield to Theron Wilson, $160,000

986 Lakeside Green, Ron and Deva Raley to Brittney Watson and Taylor Dickens, $144,900

1321 Haynes Avenue, Jewel and Shirley Dukes to Kasi Costello, $27,500

3506 Aristides Drive, Donica Makamba and Willard Mazhawidza to James and Brittany Tyler, $155,000

1332 Claranette Court, U4, St. Ann Street Associates LLC to Joel White, $63,590

2347 Overlook Park, David and Denise Worthen to Chad James, $314,400

1709 Leitchfield Road, Ronda Harper to Autry and Hagan LLC, $10,000

1100 Potomac Court, Eric and Tammy Loucks to Steven and Charity Ledford, $320,000

2306 Secretariat Drive, Anna Murphy to Steven and Deborah Crone, $156,300

617 Crittenden Street, Mickey and Melody Bowman to Lapis LLC, $78,500

3305 Spring Ridge Parkway, Alan and Elizabeth Hancock to William and Lindsey Wilson, $360,000

7343 Knottsville Mount Zion Road, Joseph and Jean Wedding to Stephanie Creilson, $185,000

2321 Bluff Avenue, Andrew Gray to Samantha Lawrence, $95,000

2518 Dillard Court, Deer Valley Subdivisions LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $39,600

2518 Dillard Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Vinodh Bojan and Kanchana Kumar, $276,633

717 Christopher Greenup Drive, Jena Johnson to Lindsey Moore, $138,000

4114 Mason Woods Lane, Ray Smith and Martha Smith to Stacey and Pavanjit Singh, $190,000

2316 Ford Avenue, Gerald and Rita Holtzman to Ryan Crisp and Stacy Boarman, $272,000

3422 Imperial Place, Imperial Lawns LLC to Tisha Warren, $174,900

2133 Bittel Road, Jane Yeiser to Joseph and Elizabeth Hancock, $272,000

4917 Sturbridge Place, Lindsey Moore to Bayli Bivens, $112,000

726 Hill Avenue, R3 Properties LLC to Brittani and Richard Haney, $156,500

2756 Russell Road, Curtis and Donna Whistle to Mark and Traci Eddings, $304,000

2114 Summerwalk, Sean and Tisha Higgs to Ricco Rowan, $214,900

3110 Wood Valley Point, Steven and Shelia Kingsley to Lori and Jerome McIntosh, $428,000

4310 Spring Bank Drive, Rose Castlen-Garant and William Castlen to Curtis and Donna Whistle, $385,000

3316 Jefferson Street, Mary Beavers to Anthony Anderson and ShaRaya Wagner, $35,000

12550 Floral Road, Allison and Devon Smith to Raymond and Janice Schiff, $107,000

5245 Trifecta Place, Thompson Homes Inc. to Justin and Katie Wilkerson, $249,612

1330 Gilbert Lane, Howard and Sandra Calvert to Charles Armstrong, $91,000

9501 Kelly Cemetery Road, Matthew and Sarah Roberts to Kevin Merimee, $124,500

1325 Marycrest Drive, Joshua Bowen to Heidi and Jeffrey Mitchell, $175,000

1606 Forrest Lane, Shane Cavin Revocable Trust to Kelly and Aaron Klausing, $154,900

3002 Sterling Court, Colin Kelly Properties LLC to Janie Carrico, $139,000

1921 Littlewood Drive, Joy Horton to Mary Mischel, $237,000

2845 Silver Creek Loop, Chad and Misty Buskill to Matthew and Stephanie Kolok, $255,000

2018 Oak Avenue, Jack and Debbie Dickens to Kevin Greenwood, $77,700

4124 Yewells Landing West, Angela and Jeremiah Johnson to Bar Reh, $160,000

3415 Hummingbird Loop South, Larry and Raysha Maxwell to Stephanie Millay, $137,500

1711 Navajo Drive, Yaw Kareng to Jaxon Tate Investments LLC, $101,000

6148 Scott Court, Lauren and Ryan Coots to Cessili and Devin Taylor, $108,000

3440 Oaklane Drive, Adam and Samantha Cottrell to Lauren and Ryan Coots, $210,000

522 Griffith Avenue, Robert and Mista Greene to Sean and Anne Higgins, $520,000

834 Devonshire Drive, Ohio Valley Properties LLC to Devon and Allison Smith, $162,000

601 East 26th Street, Nick and Crystal Tuttle to Joseph and Elisabeth Bishop, $125,000

2865 Brooks Parkway, Sherman and Sandra Clark to Bawi Thang and Khup Pi, $245,000

2014 Sussex Place, Ethel McElwain to Angela Phelps, $180,000

4636 Hunters Ridge, Scott and Tamara Jones to Jason and Christen Hale, $460,000

410 East 21st Street, Aloysia Byrne to Ariel McCarty, $72,000

11514 Kentucky 764, Victoria Dickens to Isaac and Katie Rhodes, $205,000

1601 Norris Avenue, Scott and Lisa Gammenthaler to Aaron Dawson, $102,500

11324 Gore Road, Jerry and Zena Drake to Daniel and Kristina Fulkerson, $62,000

2412 West 3rd Street, Michael Gilmore and Tony Gilmore to JNT Rentals LLC, $45,000

413 East 23rd Street, Francis Forsythe to Jonett Howard, $75,000

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