The following real estate transfers were recorded between July 9-14, 2020:

2821 Garden Drive, Shannon Janosa to Ethan Alexander and Carol Midkiff, $121,500

6359 Valley Brook Trace, Mackenzee Monanteras and Cole Lusnak to Taylor Wathen and Grant Snowden, $187,900

942 Rogers Court, Michael and Sherry Bridgmon to Darren and Christine Revelett, $219,900

518 Booth Avenue, Jouhanna and Homer Parrent to Megan and Izaque Santos, $132,900

2911 Epworth Lane, Jerry Hillyard to Jayslynn Serrano, $135,000

3877 Brookfield Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $38,500

3977 Brookfield Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Kelly and Brandon Hawkins, $278,257

4309 McIntire Crossing, Joseph Scott to Ann Whalen and James Chappell, $87,500

623 East 24th Street, David and Sara Foster to Michael Wathen, $175,000

539 Ridgewood Street, William Kirk to Benjamin and Stephanie Yates, $74,000

2501 Downing Drive, Lindsey and Wesley Donohoo to Adam Williamson, $148,249

5465 Willow Brook Loop, Keolani and Andre Bradley to James and Natalie Mansfield, $270,000

1520 Parrish Court, James Twedell to Rishard and Holly Koehler, $62,500

8933 U.S. 60 West, Kathy Boone to Jason McPherson, $45,942

168 Shelly Drive, Edmundo Morales to Hannah Coffman, $113,000

3857 South Griffith Avenue, Paul Martin Builders Inc. to Janice Morton, $225,000

1483 Waterfield Drive, Derek and Lindsey Grotrian to Amy Green and Taylor Shelton, $144,254

3206 Imperial Place, Janice Morton to Jessica and Kyle Wood, $233,500

7C Quail Ridge Court, Bryant Foundation Inc. to Jeffrey Massey, $98,500

5641 Woodcrest Lane, Sean and Anne Higgins to Keolani and Andre Bradley, $463,000

3027 St. Ann Street, Daniel and Katherine Abshier, $119,900

311 East 27th Street, Richard and Pamela Isaacs to Laci Lashbrook, $94,900

2727 Daviess Street, Jordan and Shayla Hancock to Matthew Gunderson, $124,900

3700 Warbler Circle, Ray and Jenny Jones and MSL Investments LLC to Hku Reh and Hsu Meh, $159,900

4600 Hunters Ridge, Joseph and Pam Higdon to Sara and Brandon Harley, $475,000

2923 Daviess Street, CSN Ventures LLC to KenLee Desmond and Elijah Probus, $98,000

4721 Bernheim Drive, Blake and Andrea Edge to James and Jennifer Burke, $174,900

3020 Reid Road, Sharon Ambrose to Amber Bryant, $120,000

502 Fleetwood Drive, Fulcrum Holdings LLC to Kendall Dockery, $50,000

3849 Lovell Drive, Gary and Jennifer Bivins to Anitra Angel, $115,000

2701 West 9th Street, Fulcrum Holdings LLC to Poonam Gollen, $119,900

6735 Sutherlin Lane, Kevin Blaine to The Pentecostals of Owensboro Inc., $270,000

5496 Meadow Grove Drive, Derek and Melissa Hibbs to Jonathan and Cathryn Bonar, $295,000

8321 Joe Haynes Road, BBC Capital Investments Group LLC to George and Lyndsey Reynolds, $13,901

2743 Summer Point Court, Scott and Jennifer Baird to Kent and Emily Sullivan, $225,000

2548 Palomino Place, Haley Hudson to Leasa McCuiston, $169,900

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