The following real estate transfers were recorded between May 8 and May 15.

6544 Kentucky 762 and 6550 Kentucky 762, Anna Carman to Patrick and Lisa Merritt, $155,000.

1201 Parkview Drive, Jeremy and Karen Kirk to Jacquelyn Boyce, $135,000.

4478-A Springhill Drive, Ricky and Karen Carter to Karen Fireline, $194,900.

3330 Majestic Prince Drive, Debra Sands to Robert Browning, $170,000.

528 Clay St., Brandon and Angel Epison to Diamond and Sarah Cisneros, $80,000.

2325 Woodland Drive, Kyle Thompson to John Mulligan and Lisa Calhoun, $185,000.

415 Monarch St., Nancy Douglas to KAH Properties LLC, $33,000.

2530 Westwood Ave., Andy and Jean Owen to Ricky and Misty Rudd, $16,000.

820 Glenn Court, estate of Norma Embry to Michael Embry, $36,000.

1909 McCulloch Ave., Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner, to Branch Banking and Trust Co., $18,000.

6334 Valley Brook Trace, Eddie Tierney to Tyler and Veronica Sheaffer, $165,000.

923 Walnut St., Wimsatt Rentals LLC to Natalie McCaslin, $89,900.

11953 Kentucky 764, Carol and Mary Jo Westerfield to Geary Wells, $32,000.

11953 Kentucky 764, Geary Wells to Ronald and Jacqueline Aud, $22,500.

234 Carlton Drive, Mary Roby SPOA Trust to VAW Properties LLC, $247,000.

4901 Grandview Drive, James Custer to Jacqueline Jacob, $62,500.

500 Golfview Circle, Eleanor Elliott to Tammy Gardner, $255,000.

817 Clay St., Lucky's Development LLC to JMK Enterprises LLC, half interest, $21,515.

5559 Goldenrod Lane, Andrew and Wendy Rush to Timothy and Amanda Ashley, $222,500.

2322 Fieldstone Court, Timothy and Amanda Ashley to Stephen and Angela Agada, $166,000.

1121 Locust St., Dylan and Briana Martin to Michael and Cathryn Tupy, $80,000.

Two parcels in the 2800 block of South Hampton Road, Charles and Angela Dawson to Jonathan and Brenda Brantley, $224,000.

3976 Brookside Court, Dirck and Asuncion Curry to Kaitlin Wells, $162,000.

2103 Griffith Place W., Steven and Kelli Brannock to Gerald and Michelle Goetz, $440,000.

4080 Reliant Circle, Emily Harpenau to Lilly Aubrey, $159,000.

1514 Roosevelt Road, William and Hilary Hayden to Chelsea Roth, $222,000.

4014 Jefferson St., Cassandra Hunt to Zachary Taylor, $101,000.

2613 Wisteria Gardens, Rebecca and Derrick Roby to Sonnie and Joy Baird, $111,000.

530 Ben Ford Road, David and Deborah Wink to Nathan and Sara Kunze, $220,000.

1035 McFarland Road, Alberto and Michelle Palacios to Christopher Williams, $130,000.

3341 Imperial Place, Property 92 LLC to Antoine and Jeremiah Smith-Rouse, $244,900.

2582 Watson Circle, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Dennis and Belinda Littell, $247,271.

6162 Sutter Loop E., Erica and Michael Percy to Danielle Lundy and Billy Harrison, $95,900.

3318 Shadewood Terrace, Ricardo and Tammie Herrera to Cynthia Schadler, $228,500.

2289 Woodstone Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Scott and Andrea Fischer, $260,000.

11044 Grandview Road, Moore Midwest Investments LLC to RDS Inc., $1,400,000.

3114 Imperial Place, Laura Snyder to P.N.I. LLC, $110,000.

2508 Benjamin Landing, Stephanie Magan and Joseph Drury to Robert and Karen Valentine, $134,000.

2743 Morningside Drive, Bobby and Shirley Roberts to Charles and Maria Wendt, $169,900.

410 Kentucky 144, Randal and Tammy Hagan to John and Alyssa Fulkerson, $38,000.

4469 Greenacre Drive, Margaret Love to Kent and Annette Emmert, $233,900.

410 E. 27th St., James and Gertrude Wimsatt to Nicholas and Crystal Tuttle, $71,000.

905 W. Fifth St., H.L. Neblett Community Center Inc. to Sheila Crowe, $5,000.

2606 Allen St., Nicholas and Meagan Moss to Mitchell and Sheridan Jones, $82,600.

6568 Milton Road, Jordan and Kimberly Camp to Jared and Kelsey Pedley, $345,000.

4713 Whistle Rock Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Jeffery Peercy, $169,750.

1413 St. Marys Ave., Timothy and Patricia Green to Bonnie Fulkerson and Steven and Christopher Fogle, $120,000.

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