The following real estate transfers were recorded between April 18 and April 26.

2628 Kentucky 1207, James and Christy Gilles to Gilles Land Co., $396,934.

113 Sycamore St., Darry and Bettye Cain to Michael Powell, $5,000.

3656 Wathens Crossing, Nancy and Walter Sullivan and others to Brown Cow LLC, $250,000.

2349 Watson Circle, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $30,950.

2103 Meadowhill Lane, Reba Wathen to Jace Moller and Annika Mogol, $195,000.

2111 Graham Lane E., JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. To Scott Baird, $55,501.

2351 Watson Circle, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $30,950.

2857 Brooks Parkway, Isaac and Carrie Isbill to Reba Wathen, $214,500.

3502 Chickasaw Drive, Jonathan Van Winkle to Sher Kaw and Paw Nyi Kar, $146,000.

2385 Ottawa Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Jerrod Moore, $169,284.

1515 E. 20th St., Tiffany Wedding to James Guill, $88,600.

714 Stockton Drive, Matthew Terry to BIP LLC, $115,000.

711 Bolivar St., Patricia and Larry Marr to Garry and Diane Lillpop, $55,000.

121 Partridge Loop, Aung Phyo and Poe Meh to James and Whitney Burns, $124,900.

116 E. 18th St., Michael and Jeannie Ebelhar to Katelyn Hawkinson, $153,000.

601 Manchester Loop, Timothy Gunn to Linwood and Diana Bowen, $217,500.

1951 Whispering Meadows Drive, Aaron Pierce and Lauren Pierce to Robert and Holly Mallory, $268,000.

2234 Palomino Place, Thompson Homes Inc. to Lauren Nevitt and Tyler Meyer, $175,950.

2241 Palomino Place, Thompson Homes Inc. to Mark and Amy Gray, $187,757.

2552 Arbor Terrace, Brandon and Courtney Yeiser to Aubrey and Alex Russell, $144,900.

1704 Hollendale Drive, Larry Hagan to Ethan and Danielle Board, $105,200.

2054 Wyandotte Ave., Kazuko Horton to Hill Custom Homes Inc., $40,000.

821 W. Eighth St., Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner, to MTGLQ Investors LP, $50,000.

1403 Washington Ave., estate of Carl Hines to John Payne, $20,000.

3018 St. Ann St., Christy Krauss to Mark and Christie Dame, $86,000.

2836 Brooks Parkway, David and Jeanne Lewis to Gregory and Meg Bratcher, $220,000.

1014 Piedmont Drive, Tiffany Sandefur to Clarence and Donna Goodman, $100,000.

4833 Wembley Way, Robert and Holly Mallory to Audrey and Ryan Collins, $184,000.

3213 Millstone Circle, Viola Mitchell to Allyson Sams and William Cooper, $105,000.

423 Tampa Drive, Frances and Thomas Moseley to Christina Shuler, $75,670.

2427 Ford Ave., Keith and Vickie Sharber to Thoebe Buskill, $270,000.

6B Quail Ridge Court, Malissa Troutman to Laura Morris, $102,000.

2032 Merriewood Drive, estate of Patricia Peyton to Samuel James, $131,000.

2006 Clinton Place E., Barbara Luckett and Lorraine Marrese to Martha Luckett, half interest, $71,465.

1755 Sterling Valley Drive, James and Deborah Schone to N.P. Dodge, $279,500.

1755 Sterling Valley Drive, N.P. Dodge to Larry and Denise Hamilton, $279,500.

629 Stableford Circle, Thompson Homes Inc. to William and Patsy Brumley, $309,636.

1601 Roosevelt Road, Robert and Deanna Leesman to Ronald and Beverly Johnson, $490,000.

3845 Lewis Lane, Tycen and Emily Brock to Samuel Ramon, $121,000.

Property on Murphy Road, Kevin Rudy and others to Jim and Linda Conn, $25,000.

3742 Bordeaux Loop N., Michael and Jacklyn Thomasson to Amanda and Daniel Bloyd, $173,000.

2080 Spring Creek Trace, Dustin and Sherri Stevens to Mary Ann Trunnell, $235,000.

2516 Westwood Ave. and 2530 Westwood Ave., Joseph and Susan Head to Andy and Jean Owen, $10,000.

3013 Yellowstone Drive E., estate of Clarice Askins to James and Donna Hagan, $76,000.

4606 Iron Circle, Kaci Quinn to Donavon Mason, $96,000.

6424 Thorn Ridge Crossing, Woodland Development Inc. to Cody and Audrey Peak, $28,900.

9957 Oak St. in Whitesville, estate of Wilber Phelps to Jerry and Vickie Morris, $15,000.

806 Glenn Court E., Kenny and Donna Flaspoehler to Jordan and Jamie Atwell, $115,000.

11194 Kentucky 662, Karen Fireline and others to Jesse and Deana Emmick, $50,000.

11266 Kentucky 662, Karen Fireline and others to Jesse and Deana Emmick, $145,000.

2347 Red Oak Run, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Floyd and Loni Layman Joint Revocable Trust, $329,795.

4107 Rudy Martin Drive, Corinne Arcuri to John Saalwaechter, $113,730.

2916 Cravens Ave., William and Betty Roach to Jamie and Justin Hobbs, $99,000.

1425 Ford Ave., estate of Brenda Bell to Corinne Arcuri, $129,900.

2364 Monroe Ave., Jagoe Homes Inc. to Perry Cole, $208,933.

2464 Keenland Parkway, Wells Fargo NA to Heman and Maghal Purohit, $17,200.

4132 Kentucky 142, Charlotte and Michael Eckhert and others to Michael Edgell, $145,000.

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