The following real estate transfers were recorded between Jan. 7 to Jan. 28

313 Stockton Drive, Hayden and Kayleigh Edge to Mary Wimsatt, $142,900

1111 Carter Road, MLB Service LLC to Annah Parsotan, $68,750

2549 Landing Terrace, Kristen Utley to Brian and Lindsay House, $147,500

3707 Cobbleston Court, Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner to U.S. Bank National Association, $168,850

4421 McIntire Crossing, Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner to Ray and Jenny Jones, $88,000

1234 E. Second St., Shelton Bros. Enterprises LLC to G2 Enterprises LLC, $270,000

7206 Kentucky 81, Cheryl Roberts to Byron and Diane Lane, $50,000

2122 Mayfair Ave., Kenneth and Debra Crandall to Hayden and Kayleigh Edge, $265,000

3920 Hawthorne Drive, MPC Land LLC to Nicholas Isabell and Harmony Shalander, $121,900

2920 Lewis Lane, Jennifer Hatcher to Natasha Crandall, $120,900

4108 Settlers Point, Carrico Congleton Property LLC to Andrew Blanco, $133,000

406 Hill Ave., Aull’s Property Management and Rental LLC to Stephen and Tarah Boyd, $165,000

2022 Sussex Place, Evelyn Clark to Jerry and Charlotte Richeson, $224,900

5408 Gerald Drive, Aaron and Elizabeth Creager to Christopher Stuerzenberger, $112,000

636 Stableford Circle, Thompson Homes Inc. to Bobby and Nancee Woodward, $354,306

3340 Wilson Lane, Mary Montgomery to Thomas and Stacey Davis, $209,900

202 Holmes Drive, Thomas and Stacey Davis to Anderson O’Bryan and Katie Houghland, $124,900

2338 Southeastern Parkway, Jerry and Susan Nail to Brenda Grossman, $171,500

1550 E. 23rd St., Bobbi Smith to Justin Chapman, $105,000 for two parcels

2322 Bluff Ave., Bobbi Smith to Justin Chapman, $105,000 for two parcels

6121 Alma Court, Chelsea and Christian Morris to Kristen Richards, $113,000

4639 Springlane Drive, TJB Investments LLC to Edgar Rodriguez, $150,000

4615 Springlane Drive, Lee and Donna Gardner to Jacob Andriakos and Molly Ellis, $199,900

2689 Dellwood Valley Lane, Marjerie and Jamie Baxley to Logan and Madison Hamilton, $184,900

2030 York Drive, Kenneth Velotta to Mary Montgomery, $125,000

7356 Kentucky 815, Michael and Lori Lewis to Everett and Rebecca McDonald, $76,000

2255 Palomino Place, Thompson Homes Inc. to Jeremy and Nikki Knott, $215,605

632 Alexandria, William and Autumn Barron to Travis and Nicole Robbins, $410,000

3101 Oakridge Court, Travis and Nicole Robbins to William and Autumn Barron, $435,500

4613 McIntire Crossing, Sarah and Brandon Riley to Michael Hayden, $160,000

2911 Chippewa Drive, Michael Claycomb to Danny Ford, $145,700

7700 Kentucky 405, Kelly and Brandon Hawkins to Chris and Davina Henderson, $165,400

1401 Reid Road, C.W. and Marty Thorpe to James Hewgley and Barbara Ashmore, $265,000

2610 Eastland Drive, Thomas and Lisa Garner to Michael Claycomb, $179,000

2054 Sussex Place, Robin Potter to Clyde and Marty Thorpe, $170,000

109 Plum St., Chase N Rainbow LLC to Kent Estep, $30,000

6106 Jack Hinton Road, Ryan and Lauren Cates to Jared Aull, $103,500

9987 Kentucky 951, estate of Mary Payne to Amanda Wells and Jason Morris, $140,104

1805 W. Parrish Ave., West Parrish Plaza LLC to Sandra Edds, $60,000

1216 Cary Court, Vivian and Stephen McNatton to Dorothy Millay, $219,900

3621 Ralph Ave., Clean Car Properties LLC to Owensboro Cheetah LLC, $2.8 million

4627 Barrington Place, Steven and Ronda Mills to Nathan and Tamara Whisnant, $165,000

7741 Barnett Road, Stephen and Cynthia Murphy to Brandon and Amanda Gardner, $144,500

6503 Valley Brook Trace, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $24,180

6503 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Traci Evans, $186,027

6602 Barcroft, Summit ET Partners LLC to Joshua Davis and Cheri Stuart, $44,500

1209 W. Wayside Drive, Joyce Thompson to Nick and Crystal Tuttle, $40,000

1416 Breckenridge St., Steven and Lisa Ash to Fabian Higdon, $125,000 for two parcels

1015 E. 15th St., Steven and Lisa Ash to Fabian Higdon, $125,000 for two parcels

5270 Ashland Ave., estate of Ann Ward to Nicole Bodiou, $95,000

83.040 acres on Kentucky 334, John and Rebecca Walker to Sand Castle Farms LLC, $506,544

8525 Todd Bridge Road, estate of C. Payne to Charles and Susan Hayden and others, $128,000

301 E. 24th St., Jennifer Miller to Amanda Crowe, $154,599

2011 Trillium Gardens, David Reynolds and Joyce Parson to Wendell and Mary Hines, $155,500

408 W. Eighth St., John and Marion Liebenow to James Young, $41,000

5439 Sturgeon Ave., Ashley Coomes to Jared Smith, $110,000

2831 Avenue of the Parks, Melissa and Kelly Davis to Van Biak and Ni Cin and others, $189,900

3025 E. Yellowstone Drive, Anthony and Vanessa Schwartz to Michael Boyd and Kayla Holder, $92,500

1215 Carter Road, Michael and Marla Hayden to Hailey Prater, $84,900

5264 Newbolt Road, Eldred Neubauer Jr. and others to Robert and Holly Ebelhar, $45,000

3223 Bold Forbes Way, Linda and Robert Hoover to Robert and Roxanne Roby, $155,000

1870 Fogle Road, Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner to U.S. Bank National Association, $30,000

2124 Keenland Parkway, Jordan Benson to R.A.M. 13 LLC, $10,000

4531 Kentucky 1514, Anthony and Karen Roark to William and Angela Drury, $180,000

1402 Pearl St., William and Angela Drury to Benjamin and Helena Drury, $92,500

2749 Chatham Lane, Thomas and Lois Tapp to Jyostanaben Patel, $535,000

667 Carter Road, Joseph and Mary Hartz to Teresa Morris, $96,500

6306 Valley Brook Trace, Travis and Jenna Johnson to Justin Swails, $162,500

2111 E. Graham Lane, Scott and Jennifer Baird to Kayla Lee, $129,900

2304 Woodland Drive, Gregory and Laurie Payne to David and Cheryl Crisp, $163,000

2244 Palomino Place, Thompson Homes Inc. to Kelly Englehart, $221,972

9325 Kentucky 54, Phyllis Bittel to Alvis and Julia Anderson, $120,000

9578 Johnson Road, Alvis and Julia Anderson to Caleb and Morgan Taylor, $129,500

1813 W. Parrish Ave., Mary Ann Hawkins to Elizabeth Harris, $80,000

325 W. Eighth St., Lee and Pamela Canary to David Adams and Kristina Canary, $95,000

2500 S. York St., Charles and Cindy Sparks to Christopher and Jamie Carrico, $70,000

630 Greenbriar St., Ashley Coomes to Brian and Shaylene Swihart and others, $77,550 for 1/2 interest

557 Manchester Loop, Natalie Freels to Steven and Ronda Mills, $205,000

2460 Krauss Court, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $38,500

2460 Krauss Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Kenneth and Debra Crandall, $258,073

1807 N. Chesterfield Drive, Chase N Rainbow LLC to Amanda and Shane Shepherd, $52,000

627 Chuck Gray Court, estate of Sherry McKinley to Champion Homes LLC, $53,000

1305 W. 12th St., Katrina Crabtree to Adina Bailey, $108,900

2572 Arbor Terrace, Kenneth and Maria Brown to Tyrone Jackson, $92,900

6264 Old Kentucky 54, Grace Chapel and others to Michael and Marlene Hamilton, $5,000

9A Quail Ridge Court, Suzanne Harrington to Peggy Armeni, $136,000

10797 Green St., David Conder to Sheila Stogner, $16,000

720 Stone St., Tim Embry to Kenneth Robb, $3,000

2105 W. Seventh St., Jamie Boehman to Kenneth Robb, $5,000

4334 Gate Way, Darin Corbat and Linda Corbat to 4338 Gateway Drive LLC, $370,500 for two parcels

4338 Gate Way, Darin Corbat and Linda Corbat to 4338 Gateway Drive LLC, $370,500 for two parcels

4206 Hayden Bridge Road, Charles and Dea Wilson to Andrew Grant and Patricia Horlander, $210,000

2300 Veach Road, James and Lisa Edge to Jason and Jamie Goodwin, $65,000

3216 Queens Way, Karl and Carol Riley to Jo Cecil, $115,000

176 Booth Field Road, Larry and Cheryl Stinnett to Christopher and Natalie Thompson, $260,000

2450 Krauss Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Joseph and Lilly Stofer, $275,529

3842 Little Bluestem Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $36,750

3842 Little Bluestem Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Neil and Kristi Hayden, $291,058

5290 Hillview Drive, Ramon Mella to Scott and Kristie Buck, $262,000

1026 Standish Place N., Stephen and Tammy Gardner to Jerald and Kim Davis, $199,900

2259 Vilage Run, Christan and Clay Brooks to Mary Wilk, $149,000

3422 Imperial Place, estate of Judith Smith to Aaron Bullington, $112,500

2646 Dellwood Valley Lane, Matt and Jessica McDaniel to Toni Pisaneschi, $190,000

878 Live Oak Place, Patsy and Allen Faith to Judith Sandefur, $159,000

10808 Kentucky 1389, Kenneth and Stacy Lawson to Trevor Knott, $144,707

3321 Allen St., CFW Properties LLC to Housing 101 LLC, $60,000

711 Clay St., Matthew Belcher to Carmel McLeod, $61,000

3021 Greenhill Drive, Donna and Leo Browning to Steven and Markie DeWitt, $144,900

1805 Celebration Circle, Jagoe Homes Corp. to Jagoe Homes Inc. $46,000

1805 Celebration Circle, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Glenn and Maelynne Powell, $322,816

3428 Royal Drive, William and Mary Hays to Jerry and Auretha Skaggs, $159,900

3144 Derby Chase, John Jones and Maria Migoni-Jones to Steven Rosi and Elizabeth Floyd, $440,000

2948 Christie Place, Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner to Ray and Jenny Jones, $117,671

3905 Short Putt Way, Thompson Homes Inc. to Richard and Judy Greenwell, $220,935

1735 Sterling Valley Drive, Leanne and Ben Noles to Stone Financing LLC, $350,000

9131 Kentucky 815, Gary and Brenda Rager to Jason and Shannon Chappell, $20,811

1440 Bosley Road, Eric McFadden and others to Lauren and Rachel Worthington, $12,500

9945 Kentucky 951, estate of Mary Payne to William Johnson and Krista Bittel, $61,176

4623 McIntire Crossing, Jeremy and Jessica Gentry to Mary Kamuf, $174,900

2009 Wimbledon Court, Jennifer and Garrett Booth to Michael and Tonya Outland, $207,000

805 Clay St., Jason Roberts to Chris Clark and Ashton Walls, $102,500

2713 Dartmouth Drive, The Salvation Army to Kenneth and Sheila Staples, $167,000

7023 Boteler Road, Marian Pace to Catherine and Robert Bowlds, $75,000

12001 Kentucky 764, Mindy Bradley to Roger Sharp III, $109,000

2365 Stone Valley Cove, JR Acquisitions LLC to Anthony Fulkerson Living Trust and others, $89,900

2432 Downing Drive, Laura Rudy to James and Marilyn McCarty, $126,000

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