The following real estate transfers were recorded between Sept. 24 to Oct. 2, 2020:

617, 630-634, 636 Chuck Gray Court, James and Carolyn Kassinger to ReproIndy Inc., $3,700,000

735 Carlton Drive, Jon Taylor and Jennifer Stebbins to Chick-Fil-A Inc., $46,000

9214 Mulligan Road, Robert and Frances Warren to Ryan and Jennifer Cecil, $189,332

5736 Cedarlane Drive, Rosina Berger to Mandy and Dustin Collins, $148,000

2319 Triple Crown Way, Betty Meyer to Arthur and Teresa Maske, $180,000

1540 Bosley Road, Phillip Reel to Lindy and Rosemary Wren, $280,000

723 Gunther Avenue, William and Glenda Gerteisen to Rhiannon Hurlburt, $54,900

1905 Tim Tam Court, Carmen and Thomas Heltz to Walter Dominick, $169,900

6436 Autumn Valley Trace, Diana and Justin Laslie to Carl Quinn, $164,000

1737 Thistle Court, Julie Ringham to Kyaw Pa Lah and Hsar Poe, $139,900

2653 Holland Drive, Jimmie and Michelle Threet to James and Amanda Masterson, $235,000

3335 Bryant Court, Joseph Thompson to Coral Taylor and William Logsdon, $189,900

1414 Rose Avenue, Jan Neal to Jason and Melanie Combs, $101,500

308 East 22nd Street, Crab Properties LLC to Ayas Ullah and Tozmintara Hussin, $139,900

319 East 21st Street, N & G Legacy Estates LLC to Jerry Owens and Beth Roberson, $115,000

6477 McPherson Road, Aaron and Brittany Weidemann to Michael and Tina Clements, $135,200

1506 Kent Place, Michael Bates to Brian and Molly Howard, $207,000

2221 Southeastern Parkway, James and Amanda Masterson to Katlyn Courtney and James Lee, $174,900

3307 South Allen Street, Alan and Doris Turner to Joshua Cravens, $55,500

2222 Meadowhill Lane, Suzanna and Elton Fitzgerald, Carl Bartlett to Derek Raley, $204,900

1708 Hill Avenue, Peter and Ann Demko to Ketherine Demko-Day and William Day, $126,750

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