The following real estate transfers were recorded between Oct. 2-12, 2020:

1813 Fawn Drive, Richard Ford and Independence Bank Co. to Jeffrey Barr and Katheryn Creson, $132,500

3015 Ridgewood Street, Daniel and Jeovelyn Pointer to Nathan and Taylor Riggsbee, $145,000

1200 Fields Road, James and Lauri Marksberry to Chad and Sierra Wolpert, $399,900

3865 Garden Terrace, Sandra Plummer to Makenzie Jackson, $147,000

1520 Parrish Court, Richard and Holly Koehler to Paula Whitaker, $111,000

3994 Little Bluestem Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $36,750

3994 Little Bluestem Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Dustin and Jamie Young, $244,918

301 Magnolia Drive, Gregory and Leah McCarty to Rebekah Booth and Justin Eslinger, $376,500

1620 East 25th Street, Richard and Frances Faulkenberg, Wayne and Wanda Faulkenberg to Tony Morris, $55,000

5766 Graham Lane, James Hazel to Dallas and Bethany Conrad, $199,900

6150 Pruden Lane, Ouida Pruden to Randall and Tina James, $63,000

5257 Trifecta Place, Thompson Homes Inc. to Rachel Swain and Ashley Yeckering, $197,286

2870 Glencrest Drive, Ann Thompson to Karen and Robert Schneider, $475,000

2312 Ottawa Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $29,500

2312 Ottawa Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Alissa Boone, $204,172

815 Eastwood Drive, Estate of Hallie Moody to David Boswell Properties, $95,000

2680 East Victory Court, Ryan Carmon to Cristy Schneider, $79,900

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