The following real estate transfers were recorded between Sept. 14-17, 2020:

2359 Trails Lake Garden, Austin Osborne to Ladd Properties LLC, $162,000

1229 Sweeney Street, KPASSA-Sweeny LLC to CKEM LLC, $285,000

3627 Placid Place West, Steven and Emmilea Gilmore to Conner and Dashia Minogue, $109,000

4962 Diamond Drive, Stacy Thompson to Pam and Bob Tarrants, $215,000

1420 Kingsbrooke, Bobby Tarrants and Pamela Croft to Frankie and Janice Miller, $309,900

710 Poindexter Street, Kenneth Robb to Chelsey Pryor, $60,000

1900 Ottawa Drive, Leslie King to Lance Carter, $144,900

2013 Westview Drive, James and Linda Faulkner to Dream Design LLC, $87,000

3160 Harness Loop, Thomas and Jodie Gordon to Eric and Katherine Higdon, $190,000

2686 Cherry Blossom Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Jeremiah Hawkins and Halle Olson, $188,855

4115 Harbor Hills Trace, Heather Fenn to Michael and Rachel Kelley, $185,000

3159 Prescott Court, the Estate of Michael Taylor, Brandon and Kimberly Taylor to Jude Roby, $160,000

507 East 24th Street, Vanessa and Christopher Griggs to Whitney McClellan, $114,000

1824 Whispering Meadows Drive, Matthew and Jessica Goatee to Brian and Olivia Wilson, $278,000

1912 Griffith Place West, Mary and William Booth to William and Maire McCormick, $295,000

10314 KY-54, Stephen and Krystal Burch to Cody Pate, $110,000

1703 East 22nd Street, Calvin and Linda Howe to Valorie Howe, $21,000

1827 Calhoun Street, Thomas and Mira Payne to James and Yvonne Adkins, $180,000

600 Wing Avenue, Marie Dowell to Mark Pearre, $55,000

9902 Hall School road, Ward Implement Company Inc. to Landan Coke, $35,000

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