The following real estate transfers were recorded between Aug. 31 to Sept. 2, 2020:

2141 Summer Walk Drive, David and Devon Ford to Morgan Gibbs, $240,000

1315 Woodbridge Trail, Eric and Mary Schmidt to Tyler and Sarah Frey, $295,000

5282 West Fifth Street Road, William and Lois Kuegel to Justin Hunter and Michelle Parmenter, $148,000

2965 Newbolt Road, TAC Properties LLC and Thomas and Milly Claypool to Brittany and Benjamin Thompson, $270,000

433 E. 20th St., William and Myra Carrico to Shaundell Spencer, $118,500

4050 Little Bluestem Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $36,750

4050 Little Bluestem Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Timothy and Brandy Luck, $253,273

3612 Trafalgar Court, Amy and Adam Millay to Joshua Atkinson, $150,000

3420 E. 10th St., Stacey and Jeffery Davis to Space Sloth LLC, $50,000

4674 Breeze Court East, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Alex Coomes, $243,800

4486 Scotty Lane, Frankie and Janice Miller to Sarah and Joshua Sullivan, $270,000

4601 Strickland Drive, Michael and Deborah Wilke to David Patton and Kathy Foster-Patton, $190,000

3818 Airpark Drive, Economic Development Properties Inc. and The City of Owensboro to Kentucky Bioprocessing Inc., $336,400

304 W. Legion Blvd, Nancy Howard to LaTaysha Kelly, $156,900

2625 W. Eighth St., SSG 1998 LLC to Harold Cardwell, $85,000

2010 Breckenridge St., Trey and Lori Boone to Soe Tun, $59,900

635 Ridgewood St., Ronald and Deva Raley to Allan Stallings, $102,500

3012 Legion Park Drive, William and Ruth Phillips to Zachary Morris, $80,000

4005 Mayflower Drive, Ronald and Joni Heep to Donald and Shelby Rice, $270,000

2533 Bittel Road, Nancy Purdy to Christopher and Asia Lee, $157,500

2241 Village Run, Trevor Ralph to George and Marietta Ralph, $124,000

718 E. 19th St., John Newcom to Owensboro Warehouse Leasing LLC, $55,000

4221 Morgan Court, Leann Kirkland to Gabriel Ciraulo and Julia Garon, $144,000

10631 Kentucky 764, Wisconsin Auto Supply Inc. to S & S Kentucky Holdings LLC, $310,000

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