The following real estate transfers were recorded between June 26 and July 2.

6307 Jack Hinton Road, INDLEAS1 to Tracy Mulligan, $112,000.

813 Creek Harbor Court, Terry Woodward to Donna and Natalie Embry, $153,000.

2068 Sussex Place, Susan Clark to Stephen and Kimberly Johnson, $217,200.

12001 Fields Road, Carroll Miller to Marcus Fulkerson, $59,000.

2611 Burton Road, Lowell and Kim Lloyd to Matthew and Katherine Evans, $252,250.

1638 Chapel Lane, Bonnie Hite to Lian Awi and Par Zi Hnem, $179,900.

5477 Ridge Pointe Court, Drew and Lee Ann Moss to Zachary and Courtney Clark, $410,000.

2061 Sussex Place, Edward Almes to Otis and Susan Hicks, $182,000.

4764 Pecan Ridge Court, Kevin and Ann Kauffeld to Michael and Judith McGuinn, $235,000.

2545 Eastwood Drive, estate of Stephen Kuhna to Jared and Charley Spurrier, $120,000.

408 E. 20th St., estate of Nicholas Jones to Collin Payne, $99,900.

515 Manchester Loop, Carrie and Nathan Browning to Martin and Star Stahl, $206,900.

808 Frederica St. Unit 2, Judie Peyton to Glen Murphy, $185,640.

1089 Southgate Drive, Edward Burg and Julie Burg to Michael Middlebrook and Donna Bretherik, $90,000.

3020 Waterside Way, Nicole and Christopher Davis to Greg and Joni Collins, $268,000.

316 Magnolia Drive, Equity Trade and Relocation Co. to Greg and Mary Alvey, $245,000.

948 Turtle Creek, Jason and Patricia Duplantis to Brock and Kendal Quinton, $265,000.

1525 St. Marys Ave., Sandy Stovall to Sandra Adler, $139,900.

2324 Meadowhill Lane, David and Talia Jacobsen to Miranda and Justin Embry, $222,000.

731 Carter Road, Janice and Jerry Roberts to Robert Deason IV, $112,000.

1811 Wellshurst Drive, Paul Martin Builders Inc. to Patricia Liu and Barbara Blandford, $335,899.

6610 Thoreau Village, Betty Martin to Jasmine Embry, $100,023.

2521 Nelson Ave., Karen and Robert Kilmer to Jonathan and Selina Christie, $59,000.

2425 Elder Drive, Richard and Theresa Stallings to Judy Staples, $115,000.

8B Quail Ridge Court, Judy Staples and Patrick Tucci to Philip and Janet Tichenor, $120,000.

94 Dublin Lane, Denise Pace to Nicholas Pavlas, $47,000.

4161 Hayden Road, Dargan and Tonya Settles and Darwyn Settles to Gary and Margaret Boswell, $620,000.

2245 Becklynn Drive, Hema Goyal to Cody and Sarah Boles, $187,000.

2105 W. Sixth St., Robert Satterfield and others to Autry Properties LLC, $17,500.

3011 Quincy Court, True Son Properties LLC to Jacob and Ashley Duel, $112,000.

2408 Ebach St., C&D Property Management LLC to Marissa Walker, $72,500.

2014 Prince Ave., James and Linda Wilson to Maria Martinez, Manuel Osorio and Carlos Knight, $72,500.

6158 Fairmont Court, Francis and D. Michelle Carrico to Matthew and Brittaney Johnson, $310,900.

4300 Strickland Drive, Jeffrey King to James Reynolds, $85,000.

1525 Miller Court, Kent and Kathryn FrugeĀ“ to Drew and Rachael Frey, $320,000.

5650 Woodcrest Lane, Shelly and John Tyler to Nicole and Christopher Davis, $325,000.

5272 W. Fifth St. Road, William and Judi Johnson to Steve Morgan, $169,900.

3300 Spring Ridge Parkway, Dayan and Jonia Neves to Alex and Jennifer Pokrass, $338,000.

7200 Knottsville Mount Zion Road, Donald and Carolyn Lloyd to Amy Hildebrandt, $175,000.

4116 Buckland Square, Daniel and Stephanie Dowell to Dasia Cowherd, $126,900.

5504 Mulberry Place, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Nicole and Jonathan Billiter, $272,500.

3961 Brookside Court, John and Amy Hopgood to Michael and Barbara Carrico, $150,000.

1906 Lydia Drive, Lori and John Steele to Jonathan and Rebekah Tanner, $186,580.

566 Stableford Circle, Raymond Kolhagen to Robert and Barbara Carper, $279,500.

2139 Chaffee Court, Modesta Clark to Summer Newsome and John Allen II, $62,700.

677 Danberry St., James and Jolene Hudson to Pamela Coffey, $129,900.

3158 At the Post Court, estate of Jammie Constant to Joseph Anton, $178,000.

2224 Amethyst Court, Russell and Kristen Lawson to Sirva Relocation Properties LLC, $158,000.

2224 Amethyst Court, Sirva Relocation Properties LLC to John Johnson, $158,000.

2679 Rush Trail, Ronald and Sheila Damron to Lawrence and Judith Payne, $182,000.

3856 Garden Terrace, Jeffery and Debra Zimmerman to Glois Camp, $30,400.

260 Tremont Drive, William and Barbara Thomason to Taylor Lewis, $79,900.

781 Yelvington Grandview Road, Walter Ford to Katherine Lampert and Chase Clouse, $280,000.

5854 May Road, Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance to Kenneth and Sheree Clark, $40,000.

1715 Frederica St., RDW Investments LLC to D7-5 LLC, $1.9 million.

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