The following real estate transfers were recorded between July 2 and July 10.

5309 Ashland Ave., Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner, to Fulcrum Holdings LLC, $65,000.

1833 E. 19th St., David Boswell to Robert, Patricia and Christopher Potts, $26,000.

1212 Cedar St., Mary Smith to Peter and Sarah Ebelhar, $115,000.

2608 Wimsatt Court, estate of Eva Ratliff and others to INDLEAS1 LLC, $125,000.

2208 Stratford Drive N., Jordan and Rose Allison to Betty Smith, $175,000.

2552 Hillbrooke Parkway, Margie Smith Revocable Trust to Sarah and Jonathan Ray, $288,000.

619 Warwick Drive W., Stephen Williams to Kentucky Strategic Properties LLC, $85,000.

3858 Little Bluestem Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to James and Season Barnett, $299,104.

14C Quail Ridge, Greg and Kathy Ferrell to Rickie Smith, $136,000.

6533 Harmony Drive, Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner, to Stephen and Reba Besecker, $70,200.

1911 Lexington Ave., Joseph and Katherine Mitchell to Gregory and Kimberly Mullican, $450,000.

3415 New Hartford Road, Byrne-Riney Properties LLC to 4 Cats LLC, $152,000.

1327 Gardendale Ave., Christopher and Janice Hendricks and others to Judy and Rocky Anderson, $69,000.

4660 Iceland Road, Commonwealth Storage and Industry LLC to Diamond J Trucking LLC, $600,000.

2035 Crestwood Drive, Frederic Triplett Jr. to Charles and Frances Naylor, $187,000.

1201 E. Sixth St., Clarence and Barbara Morris to Hines Properties LLC, $20,000.

2315 Citation Ave., Monica Cecil to Martha McCarty and Amber McCarty, $154,000.

2248 Palomino Place, Thompson Homes Inc. to Andrew and Ashley Bell, $229,079.

6504 Lilac Court, Penny Welch to Heather Doss, $113,450.

4164 Kentucky 142, James and Cynthia Pate to Joshua Hall, $129,900.

3117 Allen St., MPG Commercial Properties LLC to Kelsey Whitaker, $127,500.

2414 Summer Walk, David and Cathy Lindow to Natalie Anderson, $175,000.

11281 Kentucky 662, Kathleen Bolton to Jasen and Carrie Chanley, $60,000.

2033 Trillium Gardens, estate of Wanda Richards to Barbara Offerman, $142,000.

4212 Old Hartford Road, William Lanham and Sara Ewing to Joseph and Ashley Pashea, $183,500.

3249 Spring Ridge Parkway, Jimmy and Karen Staton to Navleen Gill and Harpreet Minhas, $299,500.

4549 Woodlake Run, James and Season Barnett to Adam and Lindsey Taucher, $252,000.

1318 Haynes Ave., James and Juanita Ling and others to Wright Choice Properties LLC, $28,000.

34 acres on Short Station Road, Brandon and Cecile Lanham and others to Lanham Family Farms LLC, $263,000.

2411 Cherokee Drive S., Wanda Libs to Melissa and John Diebel and others, $140,000.

331 Crittenden St., Violet Cassidy to KMRJ Properties LLC, $35,000.

3756 Pine Lake Court, William and Cynda Wood to James and Robin Hagerman, $269,000.

1680 Parkdale Drive S., Cathy and Victor Hollowell to Timothy and Bethany Nealen, $48,000.

2861 Brooks Parkway, Kevin Howard to Kelsey Clarke and Alexander Johnson, $230,000.

560 Stableford Circle, Thompson Homes Inc. to Alan and Kay Rogers, $271,594.

413 E. 27th St., HEH Rentals LLC to Garrett and Hannah Colburn, $68,500.

5607 W. Fifth St. Road, Hulmer Vazquez to Ferman Burnette LLC, $34,500.

2502 Mayfair Drive, Susan Peters to Harold and Sarah Denton, $190,250.

4737 Whistle Rock Court, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $28,750.

4737 Whistle Rock Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Troy Dant, $188,041.

2332 Crescent Hill Court, Golden Ventures Inc. to Ray and Jenny Jones and MSL Investments LLC, $138,000.

2021 Oak Ave., Bradley and Ashley Smith to John and Gloria Johnson, $79,500.

800 E. 18th St., VR-PR LLC to James and Lisa Edge, $40,000.

6491 Valley Brook Trace, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $30,225.

6206 Autumn Valley Trace, Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner, to Clifton Boswell, $185,000.

6750 Wayne Bridge Road, JSK Farms LLC to Bryan and Krystal Kuegel, $177,865.

518 E. 20th St., estate of Mary Kerrick to Alissa Higdon, $75,000.

516 Camden Circle, Justin Hawkins to Billie May, $182,000.

180 Murphy Road, Richard Horn and Terry Quick to Jason and Barbara McPherson, $82,500.

2442 Trails Run Pointe, Premier Property Management LLC to Wesley Taylor, $165,500.

322 Elm St., Rodney and Robin Wheeler to Ronald Hayden, $27,000.

2225 Secretariat Drive, Larry and Carol Gabbert and others to Daniel Alexander and Cheryl Towery, $148,500.

6498 Old State Road, Billy and Brenda Ford to Douglas Stoermer and others, $127,999.

2435 Krauss Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $34,500.

2435 Krauss Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Sylvester Peak and Devyn Wimsatt, $218,189.

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