The following real estate transfers were recorded between March 22 and April 1.

1207 E. Sixth St., Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner, to Federal National Mortgage Association, $41,700.

2434 Alysa Landing, Premier Property Management LLC to Marketa and Aaron Shouse, $213,000.

1429 Independence Ave., Worthington and McDaniel to MSL Investments LLC, $42,000.

2820 Redford Drive, Francois Grant to Larry Tinius Income Only Trust and Cheryl Stephens Income Only Trust II, $107,600.

4306 Edgewood Court, Parmjeet and Vishva Kalra to Property Pros LLC, $204,000.

727 Stone St., William and Betty Roach to Michael Bryant and Tim Long, $55,300.

1305 Werner Ave., J&S Rentals LLC to Carmel McLeod, $38,900.

3952 Cross Creek Trail, Marketa and Aaron Shouse to James and Andrea New, $219,900.

2241 W. Seventh St., James and Kay Young and others to Jeffrey and Amanda Blythe, $53,000.

5368 Meadow Run Drive, Jacob and Jessica Blevins to Natalie Stone, $154,500.

3312 Surrey Drive E., Federal National Mortgage Association to Steven and Rhonda Klee, $70,000.

608 J.R. Miller Blvd., Carissa and Daniel Sexton to Jonathon Velka and Shawna Riley, $100,000.

917 Christopher Greenup Drive, Frank and Martha Hardesty and others to SSG 1998 LLC, $106,000.

2006 Meadow Grass Creek, Timothy Evans to Zach and Sandra Barnes, $181,000.

109 Plum St., Angelia and Timothy Leachman to Chase N Rainbow LLC, $26,000.

2309 Palomino Place, Thompson Homes Inc. to Kegan and Miriam DeWitt, $177,250.

4411 Wayne Bridge Road, Stephanie and Anthony Daugherty to James McCormick, $129,500.

5533 Kentucky 144, estate of Ronald Prather to County Roads LLC, $133,000.

424 Stableford Circle, Barbara Burden to Carie and Jerry Epison, $214,900.

1746 Queens Way Court, Donna Bells to Gerri French, $150,000.

2310 Twenty Grand Ave., Stephen and Lucy Kaelin to Jarrod Ratliff, $134,000.

2617 Bittel Road, Lauri and Clifford McNab to Caroline Campbell, $127,500.

7919 Kentucky 258, William and Betty Byrne to Michael and Brittany Byrne, $152,000.

7730 Joe Haynes Road, Evelyn Hagan to Robert and Mary Ann Howard, $50,000.

8968 Hideaway Court, Diane Christian to Stephen and Pamela Smith, $95,000.

10171 Kentucky 144, Logan and Lindsey Clouse to Dylan Hardesty, $90,000.

3723 Strike the Gold Court, Aaron Prather to Amy Ross, $164,900.

8757 Knottsville Mount Zion Road, Sarah and Brandon Winkler to Nathan and Destiny Foulks, $175,900.

6381 Kentucky 762, estate of David Boyce to Austin Esther, $150,500.

4755 Windstone Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $44,250.

4755 Windstone Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Brian and Stacy Combs, $294,000.

1126 Avondale Road, estate of Hazel Payne to Tammy Hoffman, $76,500.

9375 Stanley Birk City Road, Tamara and Mitchell Whitworth to Frank Rust, $30,000.

2405 Citation Ave., estate of Genevieve Stelmach to Scott Remole, $122,000.

2554 Lancaster Ave., Bobbie and A.J. Wilson to Nikolas Wiseman, $51,600.

3204 Queens Way, Rachel Griffith to Spencer Hayden and Allie Bivens, $165,000.

3747 Marseille Drive, Greg Floyd Properties LLC to Amelia Ethridge, $182,500.

3141 Allen St., Bawi Iang and Suan Thang to Cheryl Stephens Income Only Trust, $90,100.

709 Bolivar St., Mike and Barbara Ballard to Sovian LLC, $125,000.

2834 Wimsatt Court, Recommended Management Team LLC to Joseph and Kimberly Barnett, $159,927.

3603 Baybrook St., Mark Christian to Jarrod Chapman, $65,000.

2820 Trails Way, Ralph Nance to Niang Lian Man and San Lian, $164,500.

808 Parkway Drive S., James and Joyce Muffett Revocable Living Trusty to Jack O'Sullivan, $117,500.

3864 Thresher St., Maybell Stallings to Michelle Stallings, $130,000.

446 Kentucky 140 W., Joshua and Emily Syers to Charles and Laurie Gracey, $68,000.

2311 York St. N., Allie Bivens to Hannah Martin, $113,000.

2240 Citation Ave., Kaitlin Hackbarth to Matthew and Angela Morris, $112,000.

4483 Kentucky 554, Erica May to John Miller, $84,000.

2644 Hillbrooke Parkway, Scott and Cynthia McCain to Billy and Shannon Ladd, $329,000.

2716 Veach Road, Mary and Kenneth Plas to Freida Shepard, $93,000.

2466 O'Bryan Boulevard and 2512 O'Bryan Blvd., JAK's of Kentucky LLC to Fieldcrest LLC, $63,000.

2317 Crescent Hill Drive, Ernest Coons and Sara Moore to Jacob and Jessica Blevins, $256,105.

1423 Haynes Ave., Trenton and Shannon Janosa to Scott Gammenthaler, $30,500.

10775 Kentucky 951, Paul and Mona Dukes to Thomas Basham, $28,000.

1801 Standish Place, Ray and Jenny Jones to Katie Williams, $139,900.

161 Kentucky 140 E., Ronald and Ruth Boyd to Mission Properties LLC, $43,000.

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