The following real estate transfers were recorded between Aug. 2 to Aug. 9

1542 West Third St., Terric Oost, Michael Oost, and others to Charalambos Pavlas, $26,100

829 Fogle Road, Carolyn Harney to Brian Connor, $35,000

3818 Fisher Road, Robert Clark to Joseph and Marcie Fischer, $400,000

2047 Hayden Bridge Road, Jeannette Hickerson to William and Nora Lee, $180,000

621 E. Second St., Thomas Goetz to James and Lisa Edge, $75,000

6505 Valley Brook Trace, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $30,225

4726 Breeze Court W., Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $34,950

3969 Brookfield Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $38,000

6535 Spring Haven Trace, Natalie and Joseph Tanner to Shane and April Powell, $299,400

820 Pecan Ave., Richard and Sarah Grimsley to Gary Postlewaite, $35,000

757 Sandra Lane, Sabrina Kamuf to Amber Payne, $105,900

2505 Strawbridge Place, Mildred McCarthy to Mary and Landon Calloway, $100,000

406 Highland Court E., Jerry and Carrie Epison to Brandon and Angel Epison, $110,000

2319 Fieldstone Court, Heather and Rob Penny to Collin and Danielle Carrico, $150,000

6741 Masonville Habit Road, Robert and Tina Hurm to Andrew and Katherine Carr, $283,000

5970 May Road, Rice Contracting LLC to Ricky Miller, $10,000

5948 May Road, Shelia Jones to Melva Cook, $42,500

2936 Christie Place, Stephanie Elder to Katrina and Jeffery Nesmith, $109,800

209 Byron Court, Mary Wedding to Nicholas Pavlas, $72,000

316 E. Third St., Bipen and Usha Patel to Vipen and Tara Amin, $740,000

1992 Whispering Meadows Drive, Jacob Lewis to Natalie and Joseph Tanner, $233,000

2753 Mercedes Drive, Curtis Howard to Zachariah Burden, $104,900

9062 Kentucky 231, KNM Properties LLC to Seth Hall, $143,000

2020 Hall St., CitiMortgage Inc., to Martha Fullenwider, $29,500

1127 E. 18th St., Shoebox Investments LLC to Amazin' Glazing LLC, $350,000

1129 E. 18th St., Shoebox Investments LLC to Amazin' Glazing LLC, $350,000

1916 Venetian Way, estate of Thomas Goetz to Mike and Kelly Stinnett, $146,000

1628 Manor Court, Benjamin and Jessica Childs to Salvador and Nezzie Cruz, $78,000

224 Redbud Road, Jennifer Martin to Christopher Hinton, $83,500

4037 Yates Drive, Dustin and Leigha Winslow to Floyd and Sandra Livingston, $129,500

3022 Allen St., Martha Bailey to Jeremy and Elizabeth Millay, $83,500

609 Pin High Drive, Thompson Homes Inc. to Dolores Young, $218,629

7640 Kentucky 144, Megan and Logan Phillips to Timothy and Alondra Johnson, $47,500

2636 Windsor Ave., Sharon Gray to William and Nancy Brown, $130,000

6324 Little Hickory Road, James and Sandra Travis to Heather and Jeremy Higdon, $190,000

2432 Southeastern Parkway, David and Lisa Higdon to Elizabeth Buntin, $147,000

2219 Count Turf Drive, Dylan and Hannah Ward to Jennifer Haynes, $158,000

804 Locust St., Bradford and Beverly Hamilton to Chester Roberts, $67,000

738 Dixiana Drive, Franklin and Susan Dockery to Brad Horn, $139,000

1417 Locust St., Drew and Rachel Frey to Stewart and Shauna Jones, $226,500

850 Mary Lou Court, Stewart and Shauna Jones to David Allgood and Allison Stanley, $180,900

1523 W. First St., Mary Arnold to Christopher and Cynthia Vanover, $90,000

4433 McIntire Crossing, Robert and Angela Hardaway to Jonathan and Megan Howe, $142,900

2717 Summer Point Court, Jeffery and Amanda Blythe to Kyle and Rachel Besing, $178,000

1600 Dean Ave., Gerald and Michelle Goetz to William and Kathleen Richard, $320,000

2646 Strawbridge Place, April Niemeier and Carrol Copeland to Mary Richards, $114,900

2571 Arbor Terrace, Cammie Johnson to Parker Johnson, $124,000

1610 Hathaway St., Angela L. Thompson, master commissioner, to Freedom Mortgage Corp., $52,111

5406 Meadow Grove Drive, Michael and Denise O'Bryan to Gary and Teresita Newcom, $286,000

2448 Southeastern Parkway, Heather and Jeremy Higdon to Becky and Thomas Wagner, $164,900

225 Hubert Court, Hugh and Mary Johnson to Hugh and Crystal Johnson, $76,500

510 Golfview Circle, Vijender and Namita Gopal to Gary Winstead, $105,700

2241 W. Seventh St., Jefferey and Amanda Blythe to Gregory and Wendy Hill, $71,000

1909 Windsor Ave., James and Joyce Leach to Angela Austin, $75,500

507 E. 26th St., Cassie Lindsey to Garry and Diane Lillpop, $64,000

4007 Wood Trace, Garry and Tammy Schroader to James and Melinda Weaver, $415,000

3710 Wood Trace, Stephen and Leah Mullins to Phillip and Karisa Hodges, $235,000

1422 W. 9th St., Roy Sampson to On-A-Budget Rentals LLC, $21,000

1426 W. 9th St., Roy Sampson to On-A-Budget Rentals LLC, $21,000

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