The following real estate transfers were recorded between July 22 to July 29

2924 Yosemite Drive, Anthony and Leah Vaughan to Erick Wettstain, $111,000

5124 Diamond Drive, KSB LLC to Madelin Bishop and John Holley, $219,900

1100 Hill Ave., estate of Maxine Price to Aaron Pierce, $150,000

672 Stableford Circle, Tim Waninger to Arthur and Carol Wolken, $277,000

4836 Grandview Drive, Erick Wettstain to Jaime Berry $77,000

4478 Springhill Drive Unit D, Equity Trade and Relocation Co. to Roby Flesch Irrevocable Trust, $212,700

657 Danberry St., John and Kassondra Survant to K and D Developments LLC, $62,658

3912 Short Putt Way, Thompson Homes Inc., to Lois Thompson, $218,032

3040 Avenue of the Parks, James McCormick to Shonna and Phillip Galloway, $161,000

6541 Autumn Creek, William and Ashley Johnson to Janice Benton Trust, $235,000

2306 SE Parkway, Joshua Yonts and Laura Yonts to Robert Smith, $153,000

3594 Calumet Trace, Nana and Jason Higdon to Darrell and Mary Stallings, $235,000

2006 Asbury Place, Joseph and Sara Stelmach to Pho Chit and Paw Paw, $116,900

2819 Summer Point Court, Lawrence and Judith Payne to Gary and Megan Bevil, $218,200

1411 Center St., Brice and Marilyn Howard to Kevin Howard, $65,000

3728 Sand Rock Trail, Shamsher and Amarjit Gollan to Scott and Beth Eckstein, $280,000

3728 Sand Rock Trail, Scott and Beth Eckstein to Jason and Nana Kelso-Higdon, $349,900

10981 Kentucky 764 N., Mark and Rosalind Westerfield to Stephen and Lori Haynes, $50,000

96 Boothfield Road, William and Nora Lee to I B Park LLC, $487,000

4007 Court Dijon, Randall and Kimberly Pless to Vann Bracewell, $177,000

1430 Haynes Ave., Alicia Stewart to David and Cynthia Sublett, $20,600

2635 Dellwood Valley Lane, Jagoe Homes to Derek and Britney Fulkerson, $227,170

2708 Wesleyan Park Drive, George and Linda Young to Tial and Bawi Thang, $155,000

9312 Jewell Road, Ross Newton and Julia Newton to Ethan and Katie Blandford, $150,000

2814 Flamingo Ave., Preston Nunamaker to Brian and Misty Myers, $99,900

3303 Oriole Court, Britney and Derek Fulkerson to Kya and Khe Pu Pu, $159,900

3147 Bridgewater Cove, Lee and Jessica Martin to Raymond Kolhagen, $450,000

235 Oak Drive, Janice and Samuel Hutchason to Matthew and Kelly Arnold, $169,000

349 Booth Ave., Ashley Harbison to Jordan Conder, $99,000

1925 Gunston Place, MC Group LLC to Rusty Hodges, $126,500

2504 Longshot Cove, Travis and Monica Huff to John and Angelia Judd, $201,400

6379 Valley Brook Trace, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes, $27,300

6379 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes to Romeo and Hannah Barrow, $160,251

1400 Benton Ave., Shelly and William Shultz to Amber Osborne, $110,000

405 Booth Ave., Matthew and Katheryn Curry to Emily Ferguson, $95,000

4252 Ryeland Pointe, Hugh and Sandra Edds to Daniel Potts, $137,500

709 Unsel Road, Michael and Bobby Jones to Corrosions Concerns LLC, $65,000

2428 Sullivan Court, David and Teena Cline to James and Sherrie West, $116,000

2213 St. James Court, Melody and Jeff Rafferty to Julie London, $190,000

6367 Valley Brook Trace, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes, $27,300

6367 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes to Kenneth Scott, $156,689

317 E. 22nd St., Shelia and Walter Lindsey and Linda and Jackie Moore to Mitchell and Sheridan Jones, $74,000

1831 Foors Lane, John and Tara Renfro to Jeremy and Mary Stacy, $248,000

2915 Wimsatt Court, Zips Owensboro to Getty Leasing Inc., $3,945,595

5333 Frederica St., Gateway Land LLC to Legacy Owensboro Inc., $2.9 million

1681 Harmons Ferry Road W., Mary Trunnell and Leslie Head, $26,000

7137 Joe Haynes Road, Jeffery and Shelia Jackson to William and Jesse Hinton, $84,000

3148 Commonwealth Court, Ward Pedley to Daniel and Sandra Thomas, $74,200

116 E. 17th St., Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Pamela Hughes and Paul Vance, $72,500

332 Wilder Drive, Mark and Sabrina Walker to Chaely Andriakos, $139,900

2732 Trails Way, Johnathan and Laura Mattingly to Derek and Carmen Minton, $185,000

12389 Floral Road, Ronald and Anissa Marchand to John Marchand, $212,000

4288 King Road, Shawn and Andrea Payne to Jordan and Tiffany Harrington, $200,000

1824 Freeman Ave., True Sons Properties LLC to Jessica Peleck, $247,000

2230 Mayfair Ave., Terry and Jennifer Stinnett to Joseph and Jessica Fulkerson, $171,000

718 Gunther Ave., estate of Ina Murphy to Chase N Rainbow LLC, $50,000

2307 Secretariat Drive, Daniel and Jaime Conrad to Jeffery and Tonya Gray, $143,000

1836 Chesterfield Drive, B&D Stone Properties LLC to Roger Stinnett and Gail Niehaus, $18,500

2025 Wimbledon Court, Lee Roberts to Patricia Moore, $210,000

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