Swedish Match continues to see strong sales of its ZYN nicotine pouches, which are made in Owensboro.

The company’s report for the first quarter of 2021 says it saw a 24% increase in sales of its smokeless products, which was “driven by ZYN, which saw shipments increase to a record level of nearly 37 million cans.”

• Great American Cookie is moving into 3800 Frederica St. in the small strip center with Azzip Pizza and Klutch barbershop, according to last week’s building permits.

• Work is starting on an Ace Hardware store at 2419 W. Parrish Ave.

• The National Retail Federation said recently that it expects the economy to grow 6.6% this year.

That would be the highest rate since 7.2% in 1984, the report said.

• Mastercard SpendingPulse, which measures U.S. in-store and online retail sales across all forms of payment, reported recently that retail sales grew 23.3% in April from a year ago.

And they were up 10.8% from April 2019.

• Texas Roadhouse reported last week that its first-quarter sales were up 18.5% over the same month last year and 8.6% above April 2019.

The report said that March sales were up 64.1% from the same month in 2020, and 15.5% from March 2019.

• The fireworks are coming.

Phantom Fireworks picked up a permit last week for a fireworks tent in Heartland Crossing.

• Comparitech reported last week that Kentucky has seen a 30% increase in victims of scams during the pandemic with an estimated $29.97 million lost in 2020.

• SmartAsset says Daviess County is the fifth-best place in the state for having a mortgage application approved.

Warren was first, followed by Scott, Fayette, Boone and Daviess.

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