Calhoun family farm to host holiday event

Brittany Foe, left, and Aaron Foe, owners of Foe Family Farm in Calhoun, stand with their children Maddilynn, lower left, and Blane on the farm Monday.

Aaron and Brittany Foe, owners of Foe Family Farm in Calhoun, will be hosting their first kick-off event next month.

“Christmas at the Farm” will be from 3-6 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 4, at the Foes’ farm at 657 Kentucky 136 East.

The event is open to vendors for a $20 fee or the donation of Christmas decorations. Other activities include a walking trail that will be covered and decorated with Christmas lights, four interactive hand-painted cutout displays for photos, and an opportunity to take a picture with Santa Claus.

Hot chocolate, fresh bread, candy and other food and beverages will be available during the festivities.

“Everywhere from start to finish, there’s going to be something to do or look at,” Brittany Foe said.

Currently, the Foes have more than 30 vendors signed up for the farm’s inaugural event, including The Cottage Farm Stand & Baking Co., Midnight Momma Sweets & More, and Shade Tree BBQ, while others will be offering crafts, knick knacks, shirts and tumblers.

“We have a little bit of everything,” Aaron Foe said.

Vendors will be coming from McLean County and Daviess County, as well as Henderson County and Evansville.

“We still have people that have said that they’ve mailed in the vendor application,” Brittany Foe said. “So, we’re anticipating more.”

The Foes believe that people are interested in being part of this event due the time of the season and the different aspects they plan to integrate.

“There’s not a whole lot of craft fairs outdoors in the winter months, especially paired with Christmas lights and the whole experience with animals as well,” Brittany Foe said. “I think it’s a unique event, especially for McLean County.”

The Foes knew they wanted to have an event to promote their family business, but this idea came out of nowhere during a family outing in October.

“We took a day off the farm, and we were in Hobby Lobby, and Aaron said, ‘We should make our farm a winter wonderland,’ ” Brittany Foe said. “And I said, ‘Are you serious? (Because), I’ll run with it.’ ”

Once the Foes shared the idea via Facebook, Brittany Foe said the idea “blew up,” getting 15 vendors right off the bat.

“It went from something that we thought was going to be very small to something that has really taken off,” Aaron Foe said. “We had high interest as far as social media. We got high interest as far as when we’ve been to a few markets and kind of done some grassroots marketing …. I think there’s a lot of interest simply because ... there’s not a lot of things for younger people to do or for them to take their children to do,” Aaron Foe said. “This offers something to bring your kids to and for the parents to come and shop a little.”

Still, the Foes were surprised by the response.

“With it being the first year, I expected probably maybe five people to come up here and try to be a vendor,” Aaron Foe said. “But the interest was there, because I think a lot of vendors locally are kind of in the same boat that we are — that after November, pretty much all the markets are dead. So, it was an opportunity to have a market and have a market pretty close to Christmas.”

The Foes hope that this event will help benefit businesses that are similar to them.

“Our ultimate goal is to support local crafters and support their businesses, because Christmas is a very hard time for everybody, especially small businesses,” Brittany Foe said.

The Foes plan to make this an annual event and hope this debut will serve as an introduction to those that may be unfamiliar with them.

“We can really use this (event) and utilize it as a way to meet-and-greet,” Aaron Foe said. “There’s still several people in the county that don’t realize that we started a business and what we’re doing. It allows for us to get a meet-and-greet to speak to potential customers as well as customers who have been coming to us for a while now and to express our goals going forward.”

“And we feel like we can do that while giving families something fun to do without breaking the bank,” Brittany Foe said.

The Foes are also looking into holding six events throughout 2022, including the implementation of a sunflower maze and building a small market on their property, with the hope of selling their own pork and poultry products.

“Moving forward, we want this event to kick off for future events in the summer,” Aaron Foe said. “And in the summer, we plan to eventually get to a point where we always have something going on here on weekends for families.”

“Our ultimate goal is to have a good diversity on our farm, where you can come to our eventual market and get your pork or, hopefully, chicken, for supper and pick up some vegetables and then bread for dessert,” Brittany Foe said.

Admission for the event will be $5 per person, with children 12 and under free.

Vendor applications are still being accepted until Nov. 30. If interested in applying, contact the Foes via Facebook at or email

The farm will also be accepting toys and nonperishable donations for Light Up McLean, which will continue until Dec. 17.

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