The Goodfellows Club of Owensboro is looking to hit this year’s roll call donation goal of $185,000, which go toward children in need.

And one recent donation may help the organization get there a little faster.

According to the Dec. 1 roll call, Goodfellows received $2,000 from James S. Ryan of Monterey, California.

“We’re certainly always grateful when we get any donations, but certainly donations of that size are very impactful for our group,” said Bob Clark, president of the Goodfellows Club. “It takes on average about $100 to serve each student. With his donation, he was able to help us serve 20 kids.”

Clark said that he does see large amounts like Ryan’s pop up at least once every year.

Ryan’s donation was a grant from the Green River Area Community Foundation, on behalf of the Ryan family fund.

Amy Silvert, GRACF executive director, said that while Ryan does not reside in Owensboro, Ryan’s late father, James D. Ryan, was a former owner of a local furniture business — Whitehall Furniture.

Silvert said that James D. Ryan was involved with GRACF when starting up in the ’90s and even served as chair of GRACF’s advisory board before passing away.

“(James D. Ryan) left a fund for his children to distribute with a focus on continuing to give to nonprofits in Owensboro and Daviess County,” Silvert said.

While Silvert is uncertain if the donation for Goodfellows is an annual gift, she said that the Ryan family has continued to support many local groups over the years, upholding James D. Ryan’s wishes.

While Clark notes that typical donations he sees range from $100 to $500, the organization is thankful for anyone that is willing to help out, regardless of how big or small.

“... Every dollar counts and we’re certainly grateful to any donations (that) anybody gives no matter how much the amount is,” Clark said.

Contributions to the Goodfellows Club can be mailed to or dropped off at the newspaper office, 1401 Frederica St. Owensboro, Ky, 42301. Donations can also be made online at good

Or, text RollCall to 41444.

Goodfellows Roll Call, December 5, 2021

Previously reported … $13,626.83

In honor of Wayne Edge by Brenda

Westerfield … $100

In honor of Laura Edge by Brenda

Westerfield … $100

In memory of James Weakley by Mr.

and Mrs. James B. Thompson … $25

Brenda Wright … $25

Total as of December 5, 2021 … $13,876.83

Nathan Havenner, Messenger-Inquirer,, 270-228-2837

Nathan Havenner, Messenger-Inquirer,, 270-228-2837

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