When the books closed on the Goodfellows Club’s 101st annual fund drive to help needy children, the total raised stood at $136,168.39.

That’s $18,831.61 less than the goal.

“When we set a goal, it’s what we need to raise to help meet the needs of the community,” Lisa McCarty, president of the Goodfellows board, said last week. “The needs are growing.”

But she said there’s still time for people to help the club raise the remaining $18,000-plus that it needs.

Money for the 2016 campaign will be accepted until June 30.

In 2015, Goodfellows collected $156,368.66 by the end of the year.

But over the next six months, the campaign raised another $34,400 to finish the fiscal year with $190,768.66.

Most people remember the Goodfellows Club for its annual Christmas party for 1,000 or so children at the Sportscenter.

But McCarty said the club provides clothes, shoes and dental care for children throughout the year.

Donations can be mailed to Goodfellows Club, Messenger-Inquirer, Box 1480, Owensboro KY 42302, dropped off at the Messenger-Inquirer office at 1401 Frederica St. or submitted online at goodfellowsclubofowensboro/contribute.

Goodfellows Roll Call, Jan. 15

Previously reported $101,993.39

Anonymous $25,000

William M. and Sherry O’Bryan

Charitable Fund $1,000

In honor of patients of Dr. Andrea

Johnston $1,000

The Kiwanis Club of

Owensboro KY $675

Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer

matching grant for Soup Day for

Kids $661

Yager Materials, LLC $500

The Garrard family $500

In memory of our mothers $500

In memory of Don Moore $500

Anonymous $500

In memory of our parents,

Louise and Bill Embry, and

Betty and John Yager by

Linda and Al Yager $300

Sorgho Elementary School

Thank you for your help, Sorgho

kids $293

Owensboro Inflatables 2, LLC $275

Michael and Cynthia Fiorella $250

David E. Hocker $200

Anonymous $200

In memory of W.R. Clay, husband, and J.C. and Stella Barnhill, parents, by Anna B.

Clay, wife and daughter $200

Anonymous $200

Steve and Carla Vied and

friends soup lunch $180

In memory of Ralph Kunze by

the Even Steven Sweet Tea

Men’s Club $110

In memory of my wife, Bonnie

Gail Hagan by Randall Dee

Hagan … $100

In memory of Robin Ward and

Lucas Ward … $100

John and Barbara Olson … $100

Additional contribution from

the “Messiah” concert by

Chester and Connie Baldwin … $100

In memory of beloved teacher,

Mary Lou Phillips by the Mary

Lou Phillips Sunday School

Class of Settle Memorial … $100

Anonymous … $100

In memory of William H.

Marksberry, and Richard and

Mildred Kaufman by David and

Tammy Marksberry … $100

Katherine Cooke … $75

Anonymous … $50

Norma Ewan … $50

Aaron Nacey … $50

In loving memory of Patricia

Lancaster by Pam, Katie, and

Angie … $35

Anonymous… $30

In memory of my dad, Gerald

J. Higdon, and my mom, Mary

T. Higdon by Pam Shelton… $25

Billy and Connie Williams… $25

John W. Wathen … $25

Judy Roby … $20

Soup Day for Kids … $20

Bryant’s Chapel Mission … $20

Additional contributions for

Kenergy Soup Day for Kids … $6

Total as of Jan. 15 … $136,168.39

 Keith Lawrence, 270-691-7301, klawrence@messenger-inquirer.com

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