Amy Nonweiler, Youth Service Center coordinator for College View Middle School, sees children in desperate need of help.

Often, Nonweiler and other Family and Youth Service Center coordinators in the county school district, turn to the Goodfellows Club for assistance.

So far, this year, Nonweiler has directed more than 40 College View students to Goodfellows for clothing and dental assistance.

Nonweiler said coordinators know if a student at their school needs help, and it's likely the family has kids at other county schools in the same situation.

"We take care of the whole family" with the family having to submit only one Goodfellows application, rather than filling one out at each individual school, Nonweiler said. "We've had 45 students we've helped here. With their siblings, it's closer to 100 kids (district-wide) this year already."

Goodfellows provides clothing, shoes and winter coats to children who would wear hand-me-downs, or even go without a coat. Goodfellows also pays for students to receive drastically needed dental care, which makes a huge difference in students' lives, Nonweiler said.

"We have some students who have never been to the dentist," Nonweiler said. "Their teeth are in horrible (condition) and they're in so much pain, and it's hard to focus when you're in pain."

Because College View teachers and staff members see the benefit students receive from Goodfellows, they are happy to support the non-profit organization, Nonweiler said.

On Tuesday, the school's staff helped support Goodfellows with their annual staff luncheon fundraiser.

"Nearly all of the employees participate," Nonweiler said.

A donation to help children through Goodfellows is not being spent on overhead or administrative expenses: 100% of all Goodfellows donations go to helping children.

"Goodfellows, if you read the mission statement, it aligns perfectly with our goal at the school -- to meet the needs of the students," Nonweiler said. "... We see the need every day. We see how the funds are used, and we know the difference it makes.

"A lot of the services are really life-changing," Nonweiler said. "It's easy to donate to an organization when you can change a child's life."

Contributions to the Goodfellows Club can be mailed to or dropped off at the newspaper office, 1401 Frederica St. Owensboro, Ky, 42301. Donations can also be made online at

Goodfellows Roll Call, December 18, 2019

Previously reported … $67,456.56

In memory of Robert (Bob) Lee by

Brenda Lee (wife) … $250

In memory of Margaret "Peggy"

Howard … $200

Anonymous … $200

Nick and Missy Burlew … $200

In honor of all those who serve by the

Famous Bistro staff … $185

Apollo Area Alliance, Bruce and Susie

Houp, Suzette Austin, and John and

Peggy Kutsor … $125

In memory of L.K. and Gloria Burcham,

Choya Burcham, and Emma Jane

Burcham … $100

In memory of Walker and Kathryn

Sweeney and Jackie Englert … $100

In memory of Blake Roberts and in

honor of the Owensboro Police

Department … $100

In memory of Milton S. Wimsatt … $100

In memory of Deanne "Sweetie"

Flaherty … $100

Augusta Neal … $100

Anonymous … $100

In memory of Dorothy and Gilbert

Spinks and Buck and Lillie Nelson

by the Spinks family … $100

Steve and Renee Shultz … $100

In loving memory of our mom, Margaret

H. Walton by Nancy Brown, Suzette

Austin, Vickie Carey, and Randy

Melton … $50

In memory of Michael Braden and

Randy Barton … $50

In honor of Bob and Rita Christian … $50

Anonymous … $50

Total as of December 18, 2019 … $69,716.56

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