College View Middle School hosts its own soup day to help support children like the ones who attend the school, but staff say the event has become something more.

“It’s a part of the culture here,” Amy Dobbs, dean of student at CVMS, said. “It’s a celebration of our roots and the work of helping our kids.”

The community-wide tradition of soup days used to fundraise for Goodfellows has turned into a annual celebration of Southern roots at the middle school, with staff sharing cornbread, pork rinds and RC Cola along with their soup.

Dobbs said the environment at the middle school made soup day feel like another family gathering and the staff used it as a time to count their blessings.

What once started in the festively decorated guidance office has now spilled into a larger room and hallway where staff eat together with costumes and Christmas music. Along with raising the spirit of giving, CVMS raised $500 for Goodfellows.

Kristi Lanham, Family Resource and Youth Services Center coordinator, said soup day has been a treasured holiday since she started 19 years ago and other staff agree it’s been going on much longer.

“It’s definitely something we look forward to,” Lanham said. “Folks that retire that come back to join us. It’s a way to celebrate.”

Lanham said soup day has become a way to reflect on the service the school works toward because of the relationship between Goodfellows and schools like CVMS. Funds raised by the organization are used to support family resource and youth service centers in schools throughout Daviess County.

“There isn’t a day that goes by that Goodfellows isn’t touching the lives of children,” Lanham said. “They do it because that’s what you do; you take care of each other. That’s how we feel to. You don’t do it to get recognized.”

You can help by sending donations to Goodfellows Club, Messenger-Inquirer, Box 1480, Owensboro, KY 42302, by bringing contributions to the newspaper office at 1401 Frederica St. or online at

Goodfellows Roll Call, Dec. 8, 2017

Previously reported ... $61,345.53

Western Kentucky Botanical Garden

Soup Day for Kids ...

Anonymous cash donations ... $1,858

In memory of Jack, David, Jennifer,

Uncle Jim, Aunt Kay, Barry, Uncle Bob,

And Mark ... $100

In memory of Judy Poteat ... $50

Drew Watson ... $50

Total for the Western Kentucky

Botanical Garden Soup Day for

Kids ... $2,058

Anonymous ... $1,500

In honor of Jennifer Crume, College

View Middle School principal, the

Shining light that guides our school! ... $520

In honor of our wonderful family by

Ernie and Nadine Shock ... $500

Hunter Reigler ... $500

In memory of Jim Grant, Hank Petrie,

Bally Cashen, Delbert Murphy,

Thirston Taylor, Bill Carneal, Dick

Kreke, J.W. Sirvant, Crawford Deahl,

Sherrill Johnson, Everett Thompson,

Hank McCain, Tommy Howard,

Jerry Blandford, Herman Mosley,

Doug Carpenter, Roy Stoops, Hugh

Hale, Benny Bosley, Barry Spencer,

Mike Riney, Ed Doc Funk, Jim McDaniel,

Tom Curtsinger, and L.K. Burcham by

The Moonlite Coffee Table Group ... $300

Linda and Duval Bushong ... $200

In memory of Thomas L. Payne and

Richard J. Payne by the Payne family ... $200

Hager Preschool ... $155

In loving memory of our Mother, and

Father, Spurgeon and Hazel Jones by

Carole, Linda, Jenny, Spurgeon,Jr.,

Debbie, and Cyndi ... $120

In loving memory of Herman and Anna

Royal, Effie Hawkins, Clarence and

Lessie Ford, and Icie Trogdon by

Sharon and Patsy ... $100

In loving memory of Carma Eaton by

Hugh Ike Eaton, Melody, Barbara,

Martin, and Roger ... $100

In memory of Dr. Waitman B. Taylor by

C. Waitman Taylor ... $100

Mt. Zion Cumberland Presbyterian

Church Women’s ministry ... $75

In loving memory of Jim and Jamie

Storm by Carole, Laura, and Dianne ... $50

In loving memory of Matt Newcomb and

James Goodwine ... $50

In memory of Tom and Martha Laswell.. $50

In memory of Joseph and Genevieve

Suwanski ... $50

In memory of John and Geneva

Glasscock by Charlie and Lisa

Castlen ... $50

In memory of Charles and Mary

Clayton by Jimmy and Gail Clayton

And family ... $30

In memory of Claudis and Wilma

Ashby by Gail and Jimmy Clayton

And family ... $30

In memory of Joshua James Calhoun

By Mom, Melanie and Byron Mayes,

Jeffrey, Jillian and John Calhoun,

Grandparents, and Uncle Jason ... $30

In memory of John Allen Evans by

Melanie Mayes, Jason Evans,

Grandchildren, and great grandchildren. $30

In memory of Myrtle Winkler by

Ernestine Winkler ... $25

In memory of our mother, Annie Moore

By Lois June Johnson ... $20

Total as of Dec. 8, 2017... $68,188.53

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