Lee Franey, owner of Owensboro’s Franey’s Food Mart stores, was approached this year by a member of the Goodfellows Club’s board of directors about using the stores this year to help raise money for the club’s mission of providing school clothing to children struggling with poverty.

As it happened, Franey was familiar with at least part of the good work Goodfellows does for children in Owensboro and Daviess County. Years ago, while working with members of the local Hispanic community, Franey took a child in need to the annual Goodfellows Christmas party.

“It was really neat,” Franey said of the party. “I didn’t know anything about Goodfellows, and I was amazed how many people were there.”

To help support Goodfellows, Franey began collecting $1 donations at the stores. The fundraiser was a hit, with Franey’s Carter Road collecting so many $1 donations that the store ran out of donation cards.

“I took them some more yesterday,” Franey said Wednesday.

He didn’t know how much the stores have raised for Goodfellows yet, but he said the work was not yet done. The stores will keep collecting for Goodfellows through Christmas.

“I’ve guessed we’ve raised several hundred dollars so far,” Franey said.

Every dollar collected for Goodfellows goes directly to children. Part of that money does go to the club’s Christmas party, which is being held Saturday at the Owensboro Sportscenter. But the club is busy all year long, providing school clothing, shoes and winter coats to children in need. 

All contributions -- from businesses, schools, families and individuals -- are essential in helping the Goodfellows Club reach its goal of providing for every school child who needs, clothes, shoes, a warm coat or even dental care.

“The whole concept behind the Goodfellows Roll Call is that every donation is important,” said Barry Carden, a member of the Goodfellows board. “The whole concept from Day One is that anybody can contribute.”

Small donations -- even donations that are collected $1 at a time -- are crucial, because that means Goodfellows is not dependent on any one business, industry or source for its funding, Carden said.

“One of our strengths is what I’d call our grass-roots supporters,” Carden said. “People come together to remember our mission statement: that no child should be forgotten.”

Anyone can help a child through the Goodfellows Club. Contributions can be mailed to: Goodfellows Club, Messenger-Inquirer, P.O. Box 1480, Owensboro KY 42303. Donations can also be dropped off at the Messenger-Inquirer office at 1401 Frederica St. People can also contribute online, at www.goodfellowsclubofowensboro.org/contribute.

Goodfellows Roll Call, Dec. 15, 2016

Previously reported … $48,779.65

Home and Garden Club of

Owensboro … $500

In memory of Lt. Woodrow

Holbrook and Capt. Gilbert Stuart

Holbrook, who died in WWII … $400

Hunter Reigler … $400

Potpourri Garden Club … $300

A friend … $250

Thank you! … $150

In memory of deceased CPWM

members by Mt. Zion

Cumberland Presbyterian

Women’s ministries … $150

In memory of B.C. and Clara

Green by Suzette G. Nunley … $100

In memory of my parents, Frank

and Maxine Rowe by Richard

Rowe … $100

Tom and Rose Whitsett … $100

In memory of parents, Charles

and Linda … $100

In memory of James H. Smith by

Margie Smith … $100

In memory of Larry Hager by

Nick and Missy Burlew … $100

In memory of William G. Dobbs,

Bertha A. West, Ed Basinger,

and Bill and Glennie Wright by

Phyllis Dobbs … $100

In memory of Dorothy and Earl

Hill by Betty, Peggy, Phil and

families … $60

David and Becky Morris … $50

In honor of our grandchildren by

Charles and Phyllis Niswonger .. $50

In memory of Robert Rose by

Lucille Rose … $50

In memory of Helen McClure by

Ken and Gale McClure … $50

In memory of Forrest Husk by

Ken and Gale McClure … $50

In memory of Tommy Hines … $35

In loving memory of our parents,

Grace and George Burge, and

our sister, Brenda Mason by

Ann Duggins, Betty Walkosak,

and Steve Burge … $30

In memory of Charlie Jennings

by Regina Jennings … $25

In memory of my beloved sister,

Sandra Sandefur, my parents,

Maxine and Alden Sandefur by

Judy Hollander, and in memory

of Jeff, Opal, and Bob Hollander

by Joe Hollander … $25

In memory of Steven Wiseman

by Trish, Paula, Jessica, Kris,

and Paul … $25

In memory of Joseph Hillary and

Dorothy Boone … $20

In honor of our grandmother,

Cordelia B. Roberts by Travis

Roberts, and Jennifer and

David Calhoun … $20

Total as of Dec. 15, 2016 .. $52,119.65

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