Since September, the Goodfellows Club has aided more than 1,600 area children in meeting their clothing needs.

In 1916, Lawrence Hager of the Owensboro Inquirer began serving impoverished Owensboro children at Christmas. More than 100 years later, Hager's organization, known as the Goodfellows Club, continues to provide for needy children. The 103-year-old organization provides clothing, shoes, coats and emergency dental and medical care -- year-round -- along with a December Christmas party for children in need. All of the money raised each year goes to help children; there are no administrative fees.

For 2019, the club's goal was set at $162,000, an amount that, due to an increase in children that benefit from the program and increased costs, the club has already exceeded, said Barry Carden, club president.

"We have raised $141,000 so far," he said. "However, the fact remains that we still are well above last year in expenditures for clothing. Clothing has been a big increase that could cost between $180,000 to $200,000. The need this year has been very strong. We had a double digit increase last year and we are experiencing the same thing this year. The goal was $162,000 and that goal was set before the spending level had increased to what it is (and) it has exceeded that. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, had we known that it would go like this, we would have set the goal higher."

Although the club's annual Christmas party and drive are well known in the community, the club takes monetary donations year-round to aid the community's youth, he said.

"We only accept monetary donations," he said. "Like for the Christmas party, we don't accept toy donations. We go out and purchase multiple new toys. The concept is the same with the clothing. We use that money to buy specifically for the child's current needs."

All contributions to Goodfellows go 100 percent to helping local children.

Contributions to the Goodfellows Club can be mailed to or dropped off at the newspaper office, 1401 Frederica St. Owensboro, Ky, 42301. Donations can also be made online at

Goodfellows Roll Call, Dec. 25, 2019

Previously reported … $124,975.64

In loving memory of Alex Hager by

Susie … $7,000

Anonymous … $2,000

In memory of those who have gone

before … $1730

In memory of Urban and Mary Strobel

and in honor of Joe and Mary Jane

Clark … $1,500

In honor of Bill W. Aaron and Thomas

H. Payne … $1,000

In memory of Jerry and Irene Hofer and

Bernard Cecil … $500

In honor of our administrators; Randy

Bryant, Alisha Ferry, Rocky White, and

Melissa Brown by Owensboro Middle

School faculty and staff … $297

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. E.O.

Newberry, Mr. O.E. Newberry, Mr. and

Mrs. Luther Combs, and Miss Gladys

Combs … $200

In memory of Bill O'Bryan, Herman

and Daisy O'Bryan, John Hamilton, and

Virginia Hamilton Fisher … $200

TLC Club… $120

Steve and Carla Vied and our soup

lunch friends … $120

In memory of Tammy Risley and Bob

Risley … $100

In memory of parents, sister, and

brother, Claybrone and Lucille Toler,

Bonnie, and June by Becky … $100

In loving memory of my husband,

Damon Park … $100

Ed and Evolyn Allen … $100

In loving memory of my wonderful son,

Steve Wahler by Mom … $100

Mike and Denise O'Bryan … $100

In memory of Shorty and Millie

Richeson … $100

Merry Christmas and continued

blessings on our friendship in the new

year in honor of the Bracelet Girls

OCHS class of 1964 by Sarah … $100

In memory of Dr. and Mrs. Charles

O'Neal by Steve and Jean … $100

In memory of Gene and Helen Davis

by Jean Iles and Steve … $100

In honor of my amazing 7 grandchildren

by Nana … $70

Bryce and Sue Roberts … $50

In memory of Rowland and Mildred

Story, Jesse and Dorothy McIntyre, and

Millard and Verna Mae Hurt by Don

and Shirley Story … $50

In loving memory of Dick and Dorothy

Payne and our little angel Cammie by

Keith, Marcy, Dori, and Logan … $50

In memory of Ferne and Barney

Barnhart and Meredith Holman Howell

by Shanna, Mark, Samantha, Paul,

Holly, John Mark, Job, Ginny Ferne, and

Owen … $50

In loving memory of Milton Wardrip and

Steve Wardrip … $40

For the children from the children of

Mrs. Steitler's language arts classes

of Owensboro Middle School … $31.12

In loving memory of Marjorie A.

Keohane by Kelly, John and Jordan

Steitler … $25

In loving memory of Charlie and

Helen Steitler by John, Kelly, and

Jordan Steitler …. $25

In memory of Tom and Vonnie

Emmick by Keith and Marcy … $25

In memory of a good friend, Stan

Sheldon by Keith and Marcy … $25

Total as of Dec. 25, 2019 … $141,083.76

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