Carolyn Greer said the Goodfellows Christmas Party gets more of her theater students involved in one event than anything they do all year.

Greer, the head of the Owensboro High School Theater Department, said 70 students will be involved at Saturday’s party at the Sportscenter. 

“What we do is we bring in over 70 different characters from princesses to superheroes to elves, all sorts of characters that appeal to children,” she said on Monday. “They walk around, meet children, sign autographs and take pictures.”

Along with that, she said the Owensboro High School theater group the Rose Curtain Players will be a part of the party itself when they perform a Christmas carol sing-along and will be included in the parade that brings Santa Claus into the party.

She wasn’t sure, but said that she thought the school’s theater department had been a part of the event for at least 13 years or more.

She said her students have enjoyed being a part of the event over the years because it gets them involved in giving back to the community, and it also provides them with an opportunity to meet with the children one-on-one.

“Goodfellows is such an amazing organization,” she said. “This is a great opportunity for my students to learn about giving back and to use their acting skills. It means more to my students than many of the performances that we give.”

Goodfellows Club of Owensboro President Lisa McCarty said this year’s party is the 101st annual. It will kick off at 9 a.m. and include face painting and inflatables, among several other events. 

“Everybody pitches in to this event in their own way,” she said. 

She said what the OHS theater students do each year is “a lot of fun” and that the “kids in the audience get real excited about watching them perform.”

“I think that’s the exciting part, when you see how happy the little kids get when they see one of their favorite characters and get to hold their hand and talk to them,” she said.

Anyone can become a member of the Goodfellows Club. Contributions can be mailed to Goodfellows Club, Messenger-Inquirer, P.O. Box 1480, Owensboro, KY 42303. Donations can also be drooped off at the newspaper office at 1401 Frederica St. People can also contribute online, at

Goodfellows Roll Call, Dec. 13, 2016

Previously reported $38,379.65

In memory of George Holeman

Greer, Ethel Outlaw Stanley,

Emil “Dutch” Jandacek,

Dorothy Ensminger Stevenson,

Hulda Frohne, and Professor

J.W. Snyder $1,200

Anonymous $1,000

In memory of Jim Gant, Hank

Petrie, Bally Cashen, Delbert

Murphy, Thirston Taylor, Bill

Carneal, Dick Kreke, J.W.

Sirvant, Crawford Deahl,

Sherrill Johnson, Everett

Thompson, Hank McCain,

Tommy Howard, Jerry Blandford,

Herman Mosley, Doug Carpenter,

Roy Stoops, Hugh Hale, Benny

Bosley, Barry Spencer, Mike

Riney, and L.K. Bercham by the

Moonlite Coffee Table Group $300

In honor of Abie, Maverick, Sam,

Ethan, and baby boy to come $250

Michael and Donne Koger $200

In honor of my grandchildren,

Sophie, Allie, Caylee, Carlie,

Paige, Zoey, and Grant by GG

Payne $175

In memory of Preston and

Frances Long $100

In memory of James E., Freukee,

Barry, James, Jr., and Jean

Marie Jackson Edmonds $100

In memory of Ann Hatfield,

Loved and missed by W.D.,

children and grandson $100

In memory of Aunt Blondie and

Uncle Bill Maddox, Loved and

missed by your loving son,

W.D. Hatfield $100

In memory of our deceased

members by the Mens Bible

Class of First Presbyterian

Church $100

Woman’s Club of Owensboro,

Inc. $100

In memory of our parents,

Gilbert and Dorothy Spinks,

missed by their sons, their

families, and grandchildren $100

In memory of John R. Lee and

Jeffrey B. Lee by Edwina A. Lee $100

In loving memory of R.J. and

Christine Hunter, Pete Foster,

and David R. Hunter $100

In honor of all our veterans by

George and Nancy Skiadas $50

In memory of Wilfred and Jessie

Gorrell by George and Nancy

Skiadas $50

In honor of Patricia Rutter by

George and Nancy Skiadas $50

In memory of Bill Rutter by

George and Nancy Skiadas $50

In memory of Mary Statiras by

George and Nancy Skiadas $50

In memory of Kostas Skiadas by

George and Nancy Skiadas $50

In memory of Jeff Hedges $50

In memory of Larry Hager by

C. Waitman Taylor $50

In memory of Dr. Waitman B.

Taylor by C. Waitman Taylor $50

In honor of Gary Sisk by Office

Equipment Company

employees $50

In honor of Nathan Satterly,

We appreciate everything you

do. We hope you have a Merry

Christmas by Dawn Young $50

In memory of Ferne and Barney

Barnhart and Meredith Holman

Howell by Shanna, Mark,

Samantha, Paul, and Holly,and

John Mark, Job, Ginny Ferne,

and Owen $25

In honor of Danielle Ellis and

her “lost boys” from a

grateful parent $25

Ollie and Jean Gray $20

Total as of Dec. 13, 2016 43,024.65

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