So far this year, community donations have raised more than $120,000 for the Goodfellows Club.

That’s a lot of money, and it’s a testament to the community that people care so much about children in need. But it’s far short of what Goodfellows board members and school officials say they’ll need to keep providing new school clothes, coats and shoes to kids who otherwise would go without.

“We had a goal of $149,000,” Goodfellows president-elect Barry Carden said Wednesday. “We had a board meeting yesterday, and our spending is up on clothing. I know we’ve had more need.”

That $149,000 goal was set by talking with Family and Youth Resource Center coordinators in the city and county school districts. Those coordinators are the ones who find students who are wearing worn out clothes and shoes, or are wearing two hand-me-down sweatshirts because their parents can afford a winter coat.

Those children are out there, and, for whatever reason, there are more of them needing help this year, Carden said.

Requests for clothing are “up about 30 percent from last year,” Carden said. 

Because the goal is based on what school officials think they’ll need to help children, not meeting that goal will limit how much is available the next time a student asks for help. 

“At the end of the day, we are able to do what the community is able to support,” Carden said. Without the continued support of the community, “maybe we could only meet so much of (a student’s) need,” he said. 

“We have been real fortunate, where we’ve not had to face a decision like that,” Carden said.

“I don’t want it ever to get old to say we have been very fortunate that the community has supported Goodfellows,” Carden said. “I take a lot of pride in saying 100 percent of the donations go to meet the need.”

This Saturday, hundreds of children will attend the annual Goodfellows Christmas party, where they’ll be showered with gifts. Some of those children would not have a Christmas without Goodfellows, so the party is an important part of the season. But the party is only a tiny part of what Goodfellows does for children, Carden said.

“This time of year, a lot of people think of the Goodfellows party,” Carden said. “But 10 percent of what we raise goes to the party. Clothing is where the bulk of the dollars go.”

Contributions to the Goodfellows Club can be mailed to: Goodfellows Club, Messenger-Inquirer, P.O. Box 1480, Owensboro, KY 42303. Donations can also be dropped off at the newspaper office at 1401 Frederica St. People can also contribute online at

See Goal/Page B6

Goodfellows Roll Call, Dec. 21, 2017

Previously reported … $114,560.66

Matching grant for Messenger-Inquirer

Soup Day for Kids and Jeans days … $841

In memory of Scott and Mary Anne

Chapman, Jean (GG) Kotheimer, and

our fathers, T. Roger Humphrey, and

Joseph H. Kotheimer Jr. … $600

Yager Materials LLC … $500

In honor of friends of Sarah and

Steve … $250

In memory of Tommie and J.R. Miller,

and Jane and John L. Kirkpatrick by

Paddy and Jim Miller … $250

In memory of Papa Larry by Hope

Boyd … $250

In honor of the Parker families:

grandchildren, J. and Tiffany, great-

grandchildren, Seth, Kalyn, Cole,

Emma, Zayn, Layla, Jax and Mara,

grandchildren, Jeron and Brooke, and

great-grandchildren, Gracey, Lily

and Maddie, and the Fox family,

grandchildren, Bryan and Kendra,

and great-grandchild, Ava by Granne … $200

For the children by Counseling

Associates … $200

In loving memory of parents, Fred

Lewis and Minerva Dale Lewis by the

Lewis family … $200

In memory of Linda Ashby, and Jerry

and Margaret Biscopink by Dot

Biscopink … $200

In honor of Owensboro Middle School

North administrators Anita Burnette,

Randy Bryant, David Phillips and

Alisha Ferry … $142

In memory of Sonny Hines by Shirley

Hines … $100

Precious memories of Billy “Tex”

Taylor, we hold dear in our hearts to

cherish always by wife and children … $100

In memory of Raymond and Laura

Bell Gilmore by Bill and Dorothy

O’Flynn … $100

In memory of Robert T. Sr., Ona Ruth,

Lana, Robert T. Jr., and Julia Diane

O’Flynn by Bill and Dorothy O’Flynn … $100

Anonymous … $100

In memory of deceased members of

the Open Door Class of Settle Memorial

United Methodist Church … $100

Chris and Stacey Joslin … $100

In loving memory of our family members

that have passed by Marvin L.

Feldpausch and Barbara Oakley

Feldpausch … $100

In honor of Wendell Thompson … $100

In memory of Melissa Belle Baber by

Gilbert, Sherry and Matthew Baber … $100

In honor of Bob and Patsy Hudson … $100

In memory of Matt Ross by Mike and

Mary Pat Gray … $100

In honor of Jeanie Owen Miller and

Michael W. Alvey by office staff … $100

In memory of Luther and Myrtle

Mercer … $100

In memory of Bill Libs, Essie Gunn,

Wallace Gunn, Lilan Newton, Stirman

Newton, Virginia Mattingly, and John

and Thelma McCoy by Wanda Libs … $100

In memory of Paul and Lucy Krampe,

and Martin and Clara Millay … $60

In memory of Gene and Helen Davis

by Jean Iles and Steve … $55

In loving memory of Luke Woodward

by Brooke McKinley … $50

In loving memory of my grandparents,

Tom and Roselie Brady, and Joe

and Louise McKinley by Brooke

McKinley … $50

In loving memory of Eric Dean

Emerson on his birthday,

Dec. 21 by David and Mary

Ruth Emerson … $50

In loving memory of Patricia

Lancaster by Pam, Katie, Angie and

Mom … $40

For the children from the children of

Team Pioneer, Owensboro Middle

School North … $30.02

In loving memory of Steven Wiseman

by Trish, Paula, Kris, Jessica, Paul

and Gary … $30

In honor of Dr. Constance Ford by

Kaye Farmer … $25

In loving memory of my husband,

Charlie Jennings by Regina Jennings … $25

In memory of deceased members of

Owensboro Beta Sigma Phi by Theta

Master Chapter … $25

In memory of James A. Hamilton … $25

In honor of Joe Bachmeier by the

Budget and Management Engineering

Department of OHRH … $25

In memory of our father Richard J.

Hutchinson by Dan and Debbie

Hutchinson … $25

In memory of our father, James W.

VanFleet by Dan and Debbie

Hutchinson … $25

In memory of Glenn and Maxine Gary

by Robert Vincent and family … $25

In loving memory of Charlie and Helen

Steitler by John, Kelly, and Jordan

Steitler … $25

In loving memory of Mama, Ma-in-Law,

and special Grandma in Heaven by

Kelly, John, and Jordan Steitler … $25

In honor of my beloved sister, Sandra

Sandefur, and my dear parents, Alden

and Maxine Sandefur, and Dwayne

Burden by Judy Hollander, and in

memory of Jeff, Bob and Opal

Hollander by Joe Hollander … $20

Total as of Dec. 21 … $120,328.68

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