Every year, the South Hampton Homemakers Club sets out an ambitious agenda of service community service projects for itself. Through a lot of hard work, the group manages to make all of its projects a success.

Between September 2016 and September of this year, South Hampton club members provided school supplies, hats and scarves to city schools, donated canned goods to a food pantry and supported agencies such as the Mary Kendall Home, Puzzle Pieces and Oasis women’s shelter, while raising funds for a 4-H and Homemakers scholarships and sending sewing kits overseas. The nine Homemakers clubs across Daviess County also perform hours of volunteer work each year.

For the South Hampton Club, one organization they regularly reach out to is the Goodfellows Club. 

“As far as I can remember, we have always supported Goodfellows in some way,” club president Anita Bruner said. “I don’t know where the tradition started, but can you find anybody better to support?”

Goodfellows has a mission that stretches back more than a century, when Lawrence Hager Sr. held the first Goodfellows party for kids in need. Since then, the club has helped countless children, and not just at Christmas: All school year long, Goodfellows is there to provide students with school clothes, shoes, coats and even dental care.

This year, the South Hampton Homemakers held their annual Christmas dinner and fundraiser for Goodfellows at the home of Peggy Stemle. The event featured a silent auction, with included several items the club members had made themselves.

“We all bring things,” Bruner said. “People will bring candy and treats, and a lot of it is crafts people do and food people make.”

The event was a success, with the club members raising $300 for Goodfellows, and another $138 that will go to one of the scholarships the group supports. 

Supporting Goodfellows is a club tradition because of the work the nonprofit organization does helping children, Bruner said. Although the South Hampton Homemakers support causes as diverse as sewing colorful pillowcases for the Center for Courageous Kids — which works with children with serious illnesses — to joining with other clubs to help fund a library in Ghana, supporting local children through Goodfellows is equally important, Bruner said.

“We try to concentrate on helping not only people in other countries,” Bruner said. “We try to be aware there are needs in our community, too.”

Contributions to the Goodfellows Club can be mailed to: Goodfellows Club, Messenger-Inquirer, P.O. Box 1480, Owensboro, KY 42303. Donations can also be dropped off at the newspaper office at 1401 Frederica St. People can also contribute online at goodfellowsclubofowensboro.org/contribute.

Goodfellows Roll Call, December 14, 2017

Previously reported … $90,259.53

In loving memory of Preston and

Frances Long … $500

In loving memory of Molly O’Flynn by

Mom and Dad … $250

Tamarack Elementary School Soup

Day for Kids … $238

Kentucky Wesleyan College 2nd

annual Soup Day for Kids … $217.40

In honor of our parents by the

Rowes … $200

Anonymous … $200

In loving memory of Margaret

“Peggy” Howard … $200

In memory of Joe and Sue Riney,

and Helen Murphy by Ed and Mary

Riney … $200

In memory of our parents, Richard

and Margaret Englehart, and Kenneth

and Jo Helwig by Alan and Becky

Englehart … $175

In memory of Ira Taylor, Jr. and Lucy

Taylor by Will Taylor … $150

In memory of Kenneth Wood and

Emogene Horton by Joy and Bill

Horton … $100

In memory of my husband, John R.

Lee and infant son, Jeffrey Bryan Lee .. $100

In memory of Robert Laswell by Stella

and William Hayden … $100

In memory of Hugh Hayden by Stella

and William Hayden … $100

In honor of our children, Todd,

Jennifer, Owen, and Kate Carris,

John, Erica, Nolan, and Emie

Midkiff, Gerald, Jamie, and Jack

Wellman, and Joey, Jill, and Piper

Wilson by Jerry and Sharlene

Midkiff … $100

In memory of Chick and Brownie

Embry by Randy, Luann, and

children … $100

Nora and J.L. Mattingly, Jr. … $100

In loving memory of our grandsons,

Jason O’Bryan and Jeff Lang by Nana

and Papaw Schaick … $100

In loving memory of my son, Steve

Wahler by Mom, Phyllis Henderson … $100

In memory of my husband, Bill Gilles

by Dale H. Gilles … $100

In memory of Kenneth H. and Laura

B. Knight by Bob Arnold … $100

In loving memory of Robert and Jeff

Millay by Joann Millay … $100

In memory of John L. Mills and Jonna

Raymer by the John Mills family … $100

In memory of Michael Braden and

Randy Braden by Faye and Lowell

Braden … $100

Traveling Golf Foursome … $100

In memory of Mike and Emogene

Tierney and Louis P. Wedding and

in honor of Bertha Wedding by Larry

Tierney … $100

In memory of Basil Adrian Veach by

Angela Aull … $100

Michael Gough … $50

In honor of Isabelle and Sofia … $50

In memory of Nick Cain by Darry and

Bettye Cain … $50

Total as of December 14, 2017 … $94,439.93

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