The Messenger-Inquirer has traditionally heralded the call for the Goodfellows Club and its missions in its pages every winter, but staff across the entire newspaper also get involved in the giving.

So far, employees have raised $841 from two events with a company match totaling $1,682 for the club.

On Dec. 6, staff from every department gathered together for the Messenger-Inquirer’s annual soup day to share their dishes and a tradition far reaching in the newspaper’s history. The event raised $626 for the club.

Rena Hamilton, regional payroll administrator for Paxton Media Group, said soup day has remained important for staff because of the mission the event represents.

“We feel that it’s important to participate, because it is an all-around great charity and it’s our community that it helps,” Hamilton said. “Goodfellows makes sure that no child is forgotten. This isn’t just during Christmas but throughout the year with dental needs.”

The customer service and advertising departments also organized their own fundraiser for the second year in a row. For every week since mid-November, staff in those departments pledged $5 to wear jeans each Friday of the week.

Along with raising $215, Customer Service Supervisor Telina Crowe said employees were able to talk to customers about Goodfellows whenever they asked about their badges declaring casual Friday.

“Everybody enjoys a casual day in an office setting, and we’ve kept seeing our money build up,” Crowe said. “It’s been a way for us to do more together as a department.”

Crowe said knowing the staff’s donations would be matched by the company was “icing on the cake.”

Barry Carden, director of circulation and Goodfellows board member, said the company’s support was part of the newspaper’s tradition.

“The Messenger-Inquirer’s support for Goodfellows goes back to day one when the club started and has continued through different owners,” Carden said. “It’s a part of the fabric here. It’s just good to see a continuation of that giving from the financial side.”

You can help by sending donations to Goodfellows Club, Messenger-Inquirer, Box 1480, Owensboro, KY 42302, by bringing contributions to the newspaper office at 1401 Frederica St. or online at

Goodfellows Roll Call, Dec. 19, 2017

Previously reported     $103,112.93

Apollo High School Staff     $923.73

The generous staff of Burns

Elementary School     $690

In loving memory of Jerry and Irene

Hofer, Bernard Cecil, and Charlie

Riney by Jeff and Lynn Hofer     $500

Potpourri Garden Club     $400

In memory of Bill and Jean Skillman,

and Bill and Evelyn Speer     $300

In memory of my wife, Martha Stroud,

and our parents, Eugene and Gertrude

Stroud, and James and Mary Davis by

Donnie Stroud     $200

In memory of George and Darlene

Quinn     $200

In memory of Dorothy and Jerry

Draeger, and Betty O’Bryan by

Mike and Denise O’Bryan     $150

In memory of our beloved grandson,

Brendan Lee Hendricks, who died on

October 3, 2017, and our parents,

Randall Lee Hendricks, and Winona

Lee Lane and Wallace Lane by

Terry and Linda Hendricks     $150

In honor of Neighbors Helping

Neighbors by the Apollo Area

Alliance     $150

Audubon Elementary School          $112

In memory of our parents, Mr. and

Mrs. W. LeRoy Hayden, and Mr. and

Mrs. Henry Ralph by Carol and Don

Ralph     $100

Green River Chapter Kentucky Public

Retirees     $100

In memory of James, James Jr., Jean

Barry, and Frankie Jackson     $100

In memory of Helen and Elmer

Beckley     $100

Traveling Golf Foursome     $100

Anonymous     $100

In memory of Bob and Wilma Sweat,

and Miriam and Elton Rouse by Erin,

Hadley, Susan, and Mark Rouse     $100

In memory of Bruce Kenney by

Owensboro Insurance Agency     $100

In memory of Steve Wahler by Tami,

Brandon and Ashley Wahler     $100

In loving memory of deceased members

of the Tuttle and Frey families by

Gerry and Cami Frey     $100

In memory of Nicky Hayden     $69

In memory of Mark Snider and Ruth

Brocksmith by Dallas and Beverly

Snider and family     $50

Nancy O’Bryan     $50

In memory of Jerry Christian by Joyce

M. Christian     $50

In memory of J.R., Rebecca, Melvin,

and Dorothy by Lana Crowe     $50

In memory of Tommy and Ronnie

Feldpausch by Michael     $50

In honor of Larry and Jane Cambron

by Michael Feldpausch and Janet

Carrico     $50

In honor of Hannah’s teachers at

College View Middle School by

Hannah Wallace … $50

In memory of Theresa Rose McCarty

by John and Carolyn McCarty … $50

In memory of Arch Joseph Drury, Jr.

by John and Carolyn McCarty … $50

In memory of James Michael McCarty

by John and Carolyn McCarty … $50

In honor of John and Alice Snyder … $25

In memory of our parents, Darrell and

Margaret Sandefur, and Leona and

Paul Brewer by Ralph and Peggy

Brewer … $25

In memory of our brother, Douglas

Sandefur, sister Mary Lou Settle,

and brother in law, Jr Hale by Ralph

and Peggy Brewer … $25

In memory of Aunt Pauline Rudy and

nephew, Mike Settle by Ralph and

Peggy Brewer … $25

In memory of our neighbors, Marvin

and Thelma Buckley, and Ray and

Opal York by Ralph and Peggy

Brewer … $25

In honor of Bruce Houp, Chairperson

of Apollo Area Alliance by Starling and

Shirley Lambert, John and Peggy

Kutsor, Suzette Austin and Susie

Houp … $25

In honor of Vita Vota Sunday School

Class: Margaret Walton, Lois More,

Jackie Napper, Sue Brister, Jean

Norris, Nina Murphy, Lena Lovin,

June Coons, Jackie Peveler and

Barbara Wells … $25

In memory of Cody Alan Smith and

Isabella Deanne Hardin by

grandparents, Cindy and Darrell

Evans … $20

In memory of Savannah Stone Carr by

Maceo Baptist Fellowship Sunday

School Class … $20

In memory of Harry and Mabel

Greathouse … $10

In memory of Levi Jackson … $10

Total as of Dec. 19, 2017 … $108,692.66

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