Three Christmases in Addysanne Stout’s life would have been pretty bleak if not for Goodfellows.

Stout, now 18 and living in Henderson, remembers her family needing assistance for three years when she was a child or few gifts would have been under the tree. She was 6, 7 and 8 at the time.

She recalls the Christmas party at the Sportscenter. 

“They had a bunch of people dressed up, and we got to go around and pick gifts from each table,” Stout said.

Her favorite gift was a Doodle Bear. It came with a pen so kids could draw on the stuffed animals, toss them in the wash and start all over again.

“I had it for four or five years. I couldn’t quit playing with it,” she said.

Another favorite was a Polly Pocket, a doll that came in a pocket-size case. Stout carried it in her purse for years — until she lost the purse.

Goodfellows saved her from the embarrassment of not being able to list all the gifts she received when she returned to school after the holiday season.  “When other kids were saying, ‘I got this from Santa or that from Santa,’ I could, too. Without Goodfellows, I would have felt left out,” Stout said.

She attended Owensboro High School during her freshman and sophomore years. Then, she moved to Henderson.

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But before she left Owensboro, she returned Goodfellows’ favor. She volunteered at the Christmas party, dressing up like a Christmas gift.

“It gives you a good feeling to give back to something that gave to you for so many years,” Stout said.

You can help by sending donations to Goodfellows Club, Messenger-Inquirer, Box 1480, Owensboro, KY 42302, by bringing contributions to the newspaper office at 1401 Frederica St. or online at

Goodfellows Roll Call, Dec. 6, 2017

Previously reported … $51,998.53

Henry E. and Mary Williams LaRue

O’Bryan … $2,500

In memory of Marjorie and John

Hager by Aimee and Josh … $1,000

Sheri and Scott Plain, Jr. … $1,000

William M. and Sherry O’Bryan … $1,000

Beacon Sunday School Class of First

Baptist Church … $200

Anonymous … $200

Estes Elementary No Shave November

Club … $185

Heritage Park High School staff … $112

Wayne and Laura Edge … $100

In memory of Clara and B.C. Green by

Suzette and Nathan Nunley … $100

In memory of my siblings: John D.

Byrne, Jr. and Sister Elaine Byrne … $100

In memory of our parents: Mr. and

Mrs. John S. Fulkerson and Mr. and

Mrs. John D. Byrne, Sr. … $100

In memory of my siblings: Larry

Fulkerson, Bill Fulkerson, Doug

Fulkerson, Norma Medley, Anna

Clements and Mary Kennedy … $100

Tom and Rose Whitsett …. $100

In memory of Debbie (Doo) Terry … $100

In memory of Donna Calhoun … $100

In loving memory of James Hawkins

love, Dumpie … $100

A friend … $100

In memory of my husband, Emmett

(Toby) Purdy by Nancy Purdy … $100

In memory of Suzanne Ahnell and

Ellie Magnuson by Kirsten Ahnell and

W.L. Magnuson … $100

William McIntyre … $100

In memory of Bobby Ray Tarrants, Sr.

by Kiwanis Club of Owensboro … $50

In loving memory of Bill and Kathleen

Rocco by Steve and Linda Rocco … $50

In memory of Katherine T.

Bickwermert … $50

In honor of Paul A. Bickwermert … $50

In memory of Margaret Payne … $50

In memory of Charles (John)

Payne … $50

In memory of Nita Hayes by Terry

Wigton … $50

In memory of Bobby Watson by

Terry Wigton … $50

In memory of Rick Nash by Terry

Wigton … $50

In memory of Gerald Poynter by

Terry Wigton … $50

In memory of deceased members of

Jubilee Homemakers; Mary Miller,

Alice Jolly, Elsie Basham, Peggy

Head, and Nancye Kelley … $40

In memory of Spencer and Andrea

Stephen by Karen … $40

Donnie and Anna Piper… $25

Edwin and Diane Stafford … $25

In memory of James Albert Sweeney

on his birthday, Dec. 7 … $25

In memory of Lisa Carol Sweeney on

her birthday, Dec. 9 … $25

In memory of N.M. “Chuck” Leisure … $25

In memory of Pauline Leisure Boyd

and James H. Boyd … $25


The total for the 77th Messiah should

have been … $4,791.03

The corrected total for Dec. 5, 2017

should have been … $52,008.53

Total as of Dec. 6, 2017 … $60,235.53

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